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    Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
    Zelda: Twilight Princess used the motion extensively for fighting years ago.

    The new Zelda is supposed to be amazing, and utilizes it in an even more amazing way (supposedly). It makes more sense for swordplay, I suppose. That game is in the house for Santa Claus, so we'll see after Christmas.

    I can usually tell who considers games to consist of first-person-shooter or at least first person perspective. They're always reacting with extreme prejudice against motion controls.

    But if you enter a phase of life where motion controls are better, you can start to see their value. Such as young people around. Or guests, new friends. People that aren't heavy players. Motion controls are inviting to people, make them start trying things intuitively.

    A lot of people don't like to learn a bunch of buttons when they're visiting you. But the motion control seems like they might want to try.

    People are more important than games. Use your hobby to connect to people and draw them in.
    Sure, they work for a linear, straight forward, and simplistic experience like a Zelda game, but if you're playing a game where there's a lot more going on then just walking about and slashing with your sword -- motion controls then become an inconvenience from that point on. This is why they'll NEVER be the standard as a control scheme.

    You can't configure motion controls precisely enough to utilize them effectively in a game where there's more ways of going about the gameplay. This is why you won't see MS or Sony come out and announce that one of their top IP's will exclusively utilize Kinect or Move. It would essentially be developer/fanbase suicide.

    Mass Effect, Arkham City, Skyrim, Uncharted, GTA, etc. are games which motion controls wouldn't work. Could you imagine playing a game like Skyrim using motion controls?

    Also, I absolutely can't stand FPS (mainly military FPS). I'll play Halo, Crysis, or some other FPS with a good campaign, but other than that, you won't see me playing a FPS. And even then, I'll only play sci-fi shooters.. I'm never playing a military shooter again.