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Greatest TV series endings - #1 in UK

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    Im thinking of the war that broke out and them killing his brother in law!


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      A lot of people say M*A*S*H*. I never liked the series so it doesn't do it for me.

      My favorite was Star Trek TNG. I loved that episode.

      I barely remember why but I know the Carol Burnett Show was pretty good, too.


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        Wow I'm surprised at the hate Lost is getting.

        I'm not sure if this makes a differnce or not, but I didn't watch the show as it aired. I watched it on Netflix continuously, episode after episode. I know the experience is a little different when you watch it week by week (that's how I watch Dexter).

        Anyways, I liked it. Even though it didn't give great "closure".


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          Only Fools and Horses.... sort of ending.................

          2 brothers who wheeled and dealed in South London finally came into some money, but sometimes the pursuit is better then the capture.......

          Del and Rodney pay a last visit to their high rise flat in Peckham. Is it really the end of Trotters Independent Traders or could there be one last deal to b...


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            I feel u on that one! M*A*S*H was kind of boring for me, and when it came on, u knew it was after hours! Didnt do nothing for me over all!!


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              I never watched "Newhart" so I didn't see this when it aired, but I used to watch "The Bob Newhart Show". You had to have seen the latter to get this, but this is the funniest, most creative series ending ever!



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                Originally posted by bronx_2003 View Post

                I loved this series, Life on Mars, I know the States brought one out after...... anyone see that ? Any good ?

                What are your favourite TV series endings ? I guess a lot of Dallas posts coming

                This is some of the final two minutes in real time -

                Gene Hunt was great !
                I like that show. PBS use to air re runs of it. It was my favorite, but they recently started airing the spin off, with the female detective, instead of the guy, but all of the other cast members were the same. I thought it was great.

                Yes, I remember the spin off that aired in the states a few years ago. I thought it was going to be a really good show, but it never got a chance to get off the ground. The pilot ended after a couple of months. I was really surprised. I thought it would be a big hit.

                Great Britain has another one of my favorite shows that watch re runs of on PBS, MI5.
                Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!