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    Originally posted by Amari24 View Post
    There really hasn't been a worthwhile zombie movie since 28 Days....
    Zombieland my friend Zombieland


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      Originally posted by InsaneBlaze23 View Post
      Not really into Zombies, especially when the Zombies aren't true Zombies. I heard about WWZ, but I don't know anything about it.

      For example Zombie films where living beings get infected by a virus. Those aren't Zombies, those are infected(Resident Evil).
      Yea but George pretty much created the modern Zombie he introduced the concept of them craving human flesh. I'm guessing he called them ghouls at first because he probably didn't know what to call them lol. Ive seen him refer to them as zombies in lots of interviews.

      The best thing about Romero's dead movies is that we don't know what caused the dead to rise. He leaves you guessing what could of caused it.

      Fun Fact : George was supposed to direct Resident Evil but was turned down. You can read his screen play online.
      Now go get your shine box