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    Originally posted by TH3JUICEMAN View Post
    Maybe trajectory is an issue on those types of passes? If Thomas has the db beat you don't want to just mash the button, lead the receiver and put some arch on it
    Yep, you do. Like I said if there's any tightness in the rope. Gotta put touch on it. That can get it picked too.

    The DBs just pick things off way too easy. Not that I'll complain too much, it's saved my ass a a few times, although I think out of all of my INTs only like 3 or 4 haven't been user picks.


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      I've definently thrown more picks this year than any previous year of Madden, but they are not the OMG CB/LB super jump crap, basically me trying to squeeze the ball where it can't fit.

      I've gotten better though, still avg probably one a game
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        I think one of the big things is that the CB catch it more often, and my guess is some here would have just as many in older Maddens, but the computer just usually dropped them so people get a safe feeling when making passes, but now there is a risk for forcing them. I haven't had any problem passing with Manning unless I'm under pressure and force something I shouldn't, but that is on me.

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