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  • The Experience's Hip-Hop Album Review Thread

    So here is my 1st album review. Please post your own reviews as well

    Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor II

    This is the 1st of a 2 part album (the 2nd I believe is supposed to drop later this year). It is a follow up to his previous mainstream release "Lasers", an album that disappointed me incredibly. It disappointed Lupe as well. He blamed his label for the mainstream and generic sound which rubbed me the wrong way and I won't lie, it turned me off to Lupe's music a bit. His 2 albums "Food & Liquor" and "The Cool" were great albums. I have always felt that Lupe had a mainstream sound, and this project was no different.

    1. Aeysha Says (Intro) - Very nice way to open up the album, not Lupe rapping but he did write it and lyrically it was on point

    2. Strange Fruition - Very political track. Lupe questioning what's real and fake about our society and government within America. Lupe was on point lyrically and the beat flows well with his voice.

    3. ITAL (Roses) - Don't really like this track that much. Lupe doesn't really change much about his sound from the 1st track. The beat doesn't really help and the hook just doesn't sound good at all.

    4. Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) - This track was incredibly controversial once it dropped (I believe it was the 1st single for the album) Lupe goes over Pete Rock's T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You) one of the greatest beats in history. Lupe did not ask for Rock's permission to use the beat which sparked a feud. Now to the track. Honestly, Lupe sounds great over this beat. This is the 1st time on the album I hear the Lupe I fell in love with on F&L and The Cool.

    5. Audubon Ballroom - Didn't care for this track either. Lupe's on point lyrically here for the most part. But the hook was awful. The beat was also just ok for me.

    6. B**ch Bad - This is the 2nd single for the album and I think overall this is by far the worst track on the album. The message of the song is great but the way it's delivered is awful. The hook is absolutely atrocious as is the beat and Lupe's flow. Hated this.

    7. Lamborghini Angels - Huge pickup from the previous track. I loved everything about this track. Lupe shows of his lyricism and storytelling ability. The hook is catchy and the beat is tight also.

    8. Put Em Up - This was just ok for me. I loved the beat but Lupe didn't bring anything spectacular to the track. The hook was bad also.

    9. Heart Donor (ft. Poo Bear) - Lupe recruits Poo Bear to sing the hook for the track, and initially I did not like the hook. But through about the 3rd or 4th listen it grew on me I like it. Lupe speaks directly to his fans on this track, about how he puts his heart into his music for his fans. All in all this was a strong track.

    10. How Dare You (ft. Bilal) - Bilal sings the hook on this one, and the hook is pretty catchy. Lupe sings his love song here. The track is ok but doesn't offer much more than what is initially presented.

    11. Battle Scars (ft. Guy Sebastian) - Lupe brings the album back with this track. Super deep lyricism that is very relatable to anyone who has been in relationships and break ups. Guy Sebastian kills it on this one, the hook is great and he sounds awesome. The beat is great. Very good song.

    12. Brave Heart (ft. Poo Bear) - Poo Bear is back for this track and his hook is just ok for me. The song just doesn't really flow well for me. I don't much care for Lupe's flow on this beat. He is strong lyrically again but to me the song just doesn't connect.

    13. Form Follows Function - Grammy award winner Infamous produces this track and I love the beat for this track, he adds some jazz samples that sounds great. Lupe brings it lyrically on his flow is on point. Very solid track

    14. Cold War (ft. Jane) - The beat slows for this song and sounds good with the slower Lupe flow. Lyrically it is strong and Jane brings a nice hook. Decent track

    15. Unforgivable Youth (ft. Jason Evigan) - Really liked the hook Evigan brought to this. It went well with the beat and Lupe brings some of the best lyrics in the whole album on this track. Great song.

    16. Hood Now (Outro) - Unnecessary Track in my opinion. Didn't add anything to the album and actually kind of left a sour taste in my mouth from the album.

    OVERVIEW: I liked this album. It definitely had a mainstream sound but was better than Lasers. It doesn't touch F&L or The Cool but there were some standout tracks. I would say my main gripe with this album was the hooks. There were some great hooks but more often than not the hooks were bad to terrible. Lupe had a strong lyrical effort like he always does (even on Lasers). But all in all this was a pretty good album.

    FINAL GRADE: 6.9/10
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    Skyzoo: A Dream Deferred

    Time for another album review.

    Skyzoo: A Dream Deferred

    "A Dream Deferred" is the highly anticipated sophomore album for Brooklyn MC Skyzoo. This album is in ways a follow up of Sky's debut LP "The Salvation". "The Salvation" was a very solid debut for Skyzoo, an MC I always thought could rap his ass off but never really put much substance or creativity into his works. This opinion of mine changed when I heard his mixtape that released last year "The Great Debater". TGD was my favorite mixtape to drop last year. He really began to experiment with different sounds, instrumentation and concepts on that tape, plus his lyricism was pretty much flawless. This really put me on to Skyzoo and I have been waiting for "A Dream Deferred" for a long time now. About a month and a half ago he released a mixtape entitled "Theo vs. JJ: Dreams vs. Reality". This was even better than TGD and the concept was so unreal and fresh and he continued to impress me with his ear for beats. That tape will rival Big K.R.I.T.'s "4evaneday" for me as mixtape of the year. Anyway this was one of my most highly anticipated albums of the year and an album I fully expected to be in my to 5 for 2012 when it's all said and done.

    1. Dreams In The Basement (ft. Jill Scott) - A powerful way to begin the album. Jill Scott's voice is amazing and powerful on the hook. The beat is one of the darker ones on the album and Sky's top notch flow was perfect on it. Lyrics were on point. Towards the end of the track we are introduced to the instrumental horns that would become a common theme on the album.

    2. Jansport Strings (One Time For Chi-Ali) - The horns make their prominent presence on this beat along with the heavy bass to make a fantastic beat. Sky's hook is catchy and grew on me the more I listen to it. Skyzoo's flow sounds great as always and just rides to the beat.

    3. Pockets Full (ft. Freeway) - Another terrific beat. Skyzoo talks about repping NY and how he is one of the only dudes still doing it. The hook is repetitive but it sounds pretty good with the rest of song. Philly MC Freeway comes in and kills it with an awesome verse and shows he's still got it despite not really doing much lately.

    4. Give It Up (ft. DJ Prince) - Skyzoo showing his different sound with a dubstep sounding beat here and he rides it perfectly. The beat along with the "give it up!" you here throughout the hook sonds like something that I could almost see somebody like Death Grips using.

    5. Glass Ceilings - Skyzoo really taps into the idea of a dream here on this track. Really glossy and catchy beat along with another catchy hook. The production is layered very nicely. This is a great song to listen to and turn up real loud in the car.

    6. Range Rover Rhythm - I think this is my favorite beat on this album. It is layered perfectly and you hear the horns again throughout the song and it just sounds perfect. Skyzoo sounds great on this beat yet again.

    7. The Knowing (ft. Jessy Wilson) - The best track on the album IMO. Just so deep and lyrical about meeting a woman a bar and going up and talking to her and finding out how much you can have in common with a person that you just met. The beat is perfect for the song and Jessy Wilson sings a great hook.

    8. Drew & Derwin (ft. Raheem DeVaughn) - This love song has nice beat and hook from Raheem. However though Raheem sounds good, John Legend wrote the hook and was originally supposed to perform it but due to contractual problems he couldn't do it. Legend's version sounds amazing and would have been one of the big time highlights of the album. So it makes it harder to listen to this song because of that.

    9. Realization (ft. Jared Evan) - Skyzoo talks about when he finally begins to realize that he is a part of a dream. Nice beat yet again and Jared Evan sounds great on the hook. Sky on point lyrically and with his flow yet again.

    10. Rage of Romello - Another one of my favorite beats as well. Skyzoo sounds great over it and just further displayed his ear for beats.

    11. How To Make It Through Hysteria - This is another one of my favorite tracks. I love the beat and the concept of what he is talking about. Where the song really takes off for me is when the beat slows down to almost a silence and it's just Sky and the mic and he does a little bit of a slam poetry kind of thing and just speaks some of the realest things. Amazing track.

    12. Steel's Apartment - Skyzoo talks about how he got his start in the music business and when he realized he wanted to be a rapper. The beat is very good.

    13. Spike Lee Was My Hero (ft. Talib Kweli) - Skyzoo talks about how he grew up watching Spike Lee movies and how much they related to his life and how true they were to him. Talib Kweli comes in with a great verse.

    14. The Cost Of Sleep - Incredibly deep track, trying to decipher the differences between his dream and his reality. The beat sounds good and the lyrics are great.

    15. Live For The Moment (Ft. Colin Munroe) (iTunes Bonus Track) - Beat is great. Munroe's hook is a little spotty but sounds pretty good. Sky talks about how rap gives him euphoric feeling that nothing else can and why he does what he does.

    This album was amazing. It exceeded the high expectations that I had for it. Every word, Every line means something significant. I don't think I have even came to understand about 75% of this album. The fact is, Skyzoo is one of the best rappers out right now and he just continues to grow as an artist and an MC. The storytellin hits home on many levels. If you just play it once and just head nod to the flow and the beats, it sound like Sky just spitting. But like I said earlier, every word means somethin. We know Kendrick Lamar is putting a whole generation on his back, Nas gave us a window for how he's living with "Life is Good", and Joe Budden is always giving us an autobiography, but Sky did more than spit here too. He really told a story, his story. He did it in a way that if you listen to it, you can relate to it, you can imagine your in it. The doubt of the profession you have it worth its hurdles? Your childhood friends you come up with....knowing time will pull you apart, just because of different dreams and different roads. Living life feeling there's only so high you can go up the ladder. Reminiscing on what got you here. Looking at the ones who depend on you and wonderin if your doing enough. Failin in love but still lookin for that temporary feeling. And im just speakin on what I took away from it. These are Sky's own words....

    When I make music, I put a mirror up and just go. The things I'm speaking of on this album are, like always, things that really happened. I don't believe in "filler". The beauty of my situation is not being told what to create. I just create. Simple. Certain artists wouldn't be allowed to make "how to make it through hysteria" or "steel's apartment" or "spike lee was my hero". Im blessed to have been given a green light. And when I wasn't given one, I took one. For 1 reason: you. For the fans, supporters, you. I honestly feel as tho it's been awhile since anyone really told the story. Really told the story of what happens. The story of US. This story is about what happens when none of this is what you were told it would be. When none of it was fair or honest. That moment in "the wire" when Dukey asked Michael about their childhood, which was almost yesterday, & he couldn't remember it. That moment in "juice" when GQ decided to leave the DJ competition early & join in at the store. That moment when in "the Cosby show" when theo had to explain to Stanley what dyslexia was. That moment in "fresh" when Fresh begged chuckie to put the gun down and he didn't. That moment when it went both right and wrong at the same time. #ADreamDeferred is that moment. It's that story. Nothing more.

    FINAL GRADE: 9.5/10
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      I am not much for 'album reviews' but Aesop Rocks newest album skelethon is awesome. (came out in july I believe) definitely recommend it. probably my favorite of their albums thus far.


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        Originally posted by Remedy View Post
        I am not much for 'album reviews' but Aesop Rocks newest album skelethon is awesome. (came out in july I believe) definitely recommend it. probably my favorite of their albums thus far.
        Yeah that album is amazing. It will crack my "Top 12 for '12" list I will be doing at the end of the year.


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          ALBUM REVIEW: Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city

          Here we go, heading into this year this was my most anticipated album of 2012. His release from last year "Section .80" was my album of the year last year. The storytelling and concept behind that album was incredible. I didn't love it upon 1st listen, but after a few listens it really clicked for me and I have loved it ever since. I still revisit that album pretty regularly. Since then Kendrick has signed with Aftermath records and has found significant success on the mainstream level with the release of his single "The Recipe" with westcoast legend Dr. Dre that came out earlier this year. I thought the song was cool but I didn't love it. "The Recipe" gave me a reason to be skeptical heading into this album because of how many countless times we see a good underground artist signed to a major label and flop or sell out in the mainstream. Pair that with the typical lack of success from Aftermath artists and I am really worried about one of my favorite MCs Kendrick Lamar. When an artist puts out something as good as "Section 80" for their debut they can rarely follow that up with anything equal or better. My skepticism continues.....

          1. Sherane AKA Master Splinter's Daughter - A powerful opening track that starts the way many movies would with the opening scene. It gives us a glimpse of things to come to the middle or end of the story. A dark gloomy beat surrounds Kendrick talking about borrowing his mother's car to go see his new girlfriend and ends up getting jumped by two men to close the track. Then his phone rings with his mother wondering where he is with her van (the van becomes a common thing throughout the story. It explains the cover of the deluxe version of the album that seemed just random before the leak/release) She also tells him he better not be out hanging with hoodrats.

          2. B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe - This track is completely unrelated to the story, but Kendrick talks about the pressures of giving into the mainstream and selling out like many artist do. This track has so much truth into it. You will find yourself singing to the chorus as it is very catchy. The track ends with a skit of Kendrick's friends telling him to come outside and that they have a beat tape in the car for him to freestyle over.

          3. Backseat Freestyle - This song leaked a few months ago and it made me even more skeptical because Kendrick was being braggadocios and just spitting random stuff. But when I heard it in the context of the album it made total sense. Kendrick and his friends are riding around in the car with Kendrick in the back seat spitting a freestyle over the beat tape. The beat on this track is awesome and Kendrick really is as aggressive as I have ever heard him.

          4. The Art of Peer Pressure - The story continues with Kendrick and his friends riding around in the car and getting ready to go get oogle at some girls and smoke weed as well as terrorize people. Kendrick talks about he wouldn't normally do all of these things but because he is with the homies he does things that are normally out of character for him. I think that everyone can relate to this because I think everyone acts differently around their friends than they do in everyday life. I loved this track. The crew breaks into a house and steals some stuff and is almost caught by the police.

          5. Money Trees (ft. Jay Rock) - Kendrick continues to talk about the pressures of life in the streets and wanting to do anything to get money and get out of the ghetto. Jay Rock comes in for a nice feature.

          6. Poetic Justice (ft. Drake) - Kendrick's love song talking about his girlfriend Sherane. He uses a Janet Jackson sample to pair with a smooth beat. Drake also pops in with a very nice feature verse. This comes back to the first track when he goes to see Sherane and gets jumped.

          7. Good Kid - This really sets off the theme of the second half of the album and it is all to do with - realization. He discusses the negative effects of gang-culture, and being unable to escape the pressure of people wanting to know what gang he represents. Kendrick is trapped in the violent culture. I loved this track, so meaningful and deep.

          8. M.A.A.D City (ft. MC Eiht) - Kendrick's recent beat-down brings back early memories of similar situations, witnessing someone with their brains blown out at a burger stand back when he was 9 (I'm not sure if he is talking about his Uncle Tony again, or someone else), he thinks he knows the person who did it but he censors his name. He also talks about how his cousin was killed back in 94. In the final verse he tries to let the good shine through and offer respite for the youth and how they don't have to succumb to the temptations and pressures of the street. He hopes that his experience and intelligence can do good for the youth living in similar situations. "Compton, USA Made me an Angel on Angel Dust." This could explain the title of the album. Kendrick has not said what the "m.A.A.d" stands for. Could be "Made Angel on Angel Dust". Westcoast legend MC Eiht comes in and delivers a great verse after the beat is switched up. The skit at the end shows Kendrick meeting back up with his homies and they try and cheer him up after his beatdown, with alcohol.

          9. Swimming Pools (Drank) - This was one of the first singles for the album. I loved it when it came out and now that I have heard it within the context of the album I love it even more. It explains how alcohol can run people's lives and how it can be a huge vice to anyone. The ending skit is the big impact moment of the narrative. The plan is to take revenge on the dudes that jumped Kendrick. One of K.Dot's homies (possibly Dave) talks about maybe dropping Kendrick back off at home, but this idea is turned down, and Kendrick stays. The homies see the dudes that jumped Kendrick and a shoot-out begins. During the battle Kendrick's friend Dave gets shot. The guys that shot Dave drive off and Kendrick is left holding Dave as he dies in his arms.

          10. Sing About Me/I'm Dying of Thirst - Sing about me is completely conceptual and my favorite song after the album. In the first verse he speaks from the perspective of Dave's brother, He says the blood is on Kendrick's hands because the whole situation happened out of revenge for something that happened to Kendrick. But he says he appreciates that Kendrick was there for his brother and held him while he was dying. Dave's brother wonders if he will ever discover a passion like Kendrick to get him out of the hood – he says he hopes Kendrick will remember him and sing about him when he makes it big, and if he dies before the album drops...pop, pop, pop – he gets killed. In the second verse Kendrick speaks from the perspective of Keisha's sister (see the track "Keisha's Song" on Section 80) She is mad at Kendrick for putting her sister on blast (on Section 80) without even knowing her properly. She talks about how she is living the same life as her sister, as a prostitute, and is proud of her living and what she does. She claims not to be just another woman lost in the system. She says her sister died in vein. Unlike Dave's brother she doesn't want to be sang about on the album. She feels great and says she'll never fade away....but then she does, her vocals slowly fade out in to obscurity...perhaps she died or just became another nameless "hoodrat". In the 3rd verse Kendrick is speaking to the 2 aforementioned people, Looking in the mirror. His fear of death. He speaks to Dave's brother, agreeing that Dave was like a brother to him. He speaks to Keisha's sister saying that Keisha's story was the one that drove him to write something that powerful and real – he didn't mean to offend. He talks of how music saved him and pulled him away from the drugs, money and guns. There is a skit after this where the homies are talking about revenge for Dave, Kendrick has had enough of all of this. Dying of thirst then comes in where Kendrick talks about how he is done with this life and wants out, and the only way he can get out is rapping.

          11. Real - Though the hook on this song is totally corny, the message is great. This is Kendrick disregarding the street life and turning his back on gang-banging, drugs, alcohol, violence etc. The different meanings of being “real”. Are you real because you represent your hood and shoot people? Are you real because you try to escape that life and make something of yourself? This is pretty much the end of the story and how Kendrick has come full circle.

          12. Compton (ft. Dr. Dre) - Think of this as the end credits. This song is after Kendrick has made it and is now giving back just like his Mother told him too. It's a positive outlook of a city that is often full of darkness and violence. The beat is banging and Dr. Dre comes in with a good verse.

          The final skit is Kendrick asking to borrow his mother's van. If you listen to this without the bonus tracks then the story essentially starts over. This was a really cool way to end the album IMO.


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            good kid, m.A.A.d city (cont'd)

            Well I was amazed by this project. It completely exceeded my expectations. It will have to stand the test of time to see if it ends up being better than Section 80. But I think it will. I love every track from beginning to end. The story he tells is so interesting and sadly real. The kind of tragedies on this album happen all the time. Unfortunately it doesn't turn out for as well for everyone as it did for Kendrick. Section 80 to me, was built like a book. With different chapters on stories on other people that Kendrick saw from his time growing up in Compton. This album was like a movie of Kendrick's life. And it was constructed in such manner. My suggestion to everyone when listening to this is to not skip the skits. They are an huge part of the narrative and make the album very cohesive. I have said all year that nothing will come close to El-P's "Cancer 4 Cure" as album of the year for me, but this might come close.

            FINAL GRADE: 9.7/10


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              ALBUM REVIEW: P.O.S. - We Don't Even Live Here

              Hey Hey. Time for an album review.

              So I had to review this album. Why? Because this is one of my favorite artists around. For those of you who are not familiar with Stefon Alexander aka P.O.S., you need to be put on notice. POS is an underground MC from Minnesota who uses a bunch of different influences throughout his music. He is a rapper who typically will use live rock instrumentation. He even will snag some sounds from an even more of a punk-rock sound. I have always enjoyed the mixture of rock and hip hop from POS and I don't think anyone does it better, even though popular names like Kid Rock and Mike Shinoda come up. I have absolutely loved everything Stef has put out. From his albums like "Ipecac Neat", "Audition" and my personal favorite "Never Better" which lived up to it's title. Also loved his work with his group Doomtree who's "No Kings" album was one of the best albums of 2011. However as big of a fan I am of POS, I was skeptical heading into this album because there were many reports that Stef was going in a different musical direction. Anytime you hear this about an artist you admire red flags go off.

              1. Bumper - The album kicks off with a type of track that I would typically expect from POS. The heavy drums over the background of the beat. The electronics come into play though, which once again is new for Stef. Lyrically, Stef is great as always. And he sings a very catchy hook to go with the song. Great start to the album

              2. F**K Your Stuff - This I believe was the 1st single for the album and it put POS new style on display even though there is still a lot of old sounds as well. I didn't love this track at first, but it really grew on me. I could see it getting some radio play but it never will.

              3. How We Land - One of my favorite tracks on the album. Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) comes in and helps POS sing the chorus and both voices sound great together, super catchy. Vernon also has a very nice singing solo that sounds great. Stef shows his lyrical beastness yet again. The beat once again has a nice mix of electronic and real instrumentation.

              4. Wanted/Wasted - Stef talks about his views on America today and a lot of the corruption going on. The beat is amazing on this, love his flow on this one and another great hook on top of this.

              5. They Can't Come - Dark and booming beat on this one. His flow is awesome on this again. Another amazing hook from Stef on this one. Another great track.

              6. Lock Picks, Knives, Bricks and Bats - He turns to his more electronic sounding production with this beat. The beat to me, almost sounds like an El-P beat, So I really love the beat. Great layering on it and it is very atmospheric. POS spitting some of his best, most raw verses I have ever heard from him on this song.

              7. Fire In The Hole/Arrow To The Action - The production continues with the electronic, atmospheric production. POS spits some very raw real stuff that could make your head spin. This song will bang in your motor vehicle for sure.

              8. Get Down - More super electronic production on this track. POS has some great verses on this track, but to me the beat is just far too annoying. Couldn't get behind this track.

              9. All Of It - Back to a much better song, POS still spitting bars. The beat is electronic again but it flows much better with Stefs mic presence.

              10. Weird Friends (We Don't Even Live Here) - Once again, love Stef's flow on this. The beat sounds good again. This song I could see being played in clubs.

              11. Piano Hits - POS brings back some live instrumentation with a piano, and he combines it again with electronic sounds. For the first time on this LP we are presented with a huge rock influence in the chorus. That is something that you typically here quite frequently on a POS project. This was a great way to end the album. Loved the track

              OVERVIEW: Well my skepticism did hold some water on this album. I absolutely loved the 1st half of the album. Once it hit "Get Down" the album went a little down hill for me. I still liked it but it wasn't what I got out of the 1st half of the album. He did do a great job of mixing the electronic sounds and live instrumentation into a very cohesive sounding project. "Piano Hits" was an amazing way to end the album and it completely reminded me why I love POS music. I still would love to see this dude live and I am very optimistic about the future of his music. All in all I loved this thing.

              GRADE: 8.5/10


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                Also, my thoughts and prayers are with POS as he had to cancel his current tour due to needing a new Kidney.

                If you’d like to make a donation, you can direct it to: [email protected] The money will go straight to him.


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                  I'm getting a lot of requests to review the new Meek Mill album. Thats coming up next.


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                    ALBUM REVIEW: Meek Mill - Dreams & NIghtmares

                    Philadelphia MC Meek Mill made waves a few years ago with his "Flamez" mixtape that gained him strong recognition as one of hip hop's young rising stars. Sure enough in 2011 he was signed by Rick Ross to Maybach Music Group. Under MMG, he has released 2 mixtapes: "Dreamchasers" & "Dreamchasers 2". Both tapes had a few very good songs on it but I thought overall they were pretty average and boring. "Dreams & Nightmares" is Meek's debut full length LP under MMG. Honestly, I like Meek Mill, I think he has a ton of talent and potential. However, I do not like the MMG fit for him. I used to really like Wale, but his debut album on MMG was atrocious. So that said, my expectations for this album were not very high going in.

                    1. Dreams & Nightmares - Solid start to the album, this is one of the reasons I like Meek, he can get very deep on a track which is unique to most artists on MMG. Nice piano beat was a nice change to typical production from MMG artists. The song starts a little slow then Meek just goes off.

                    2. In God We Trust - The beat for this track is pretty generic for the most part and Meek's flow doesn't really fit the track IMO. Meek does some screaming that I find a little bit annoying. The main theme is money, which is boring nowadays.

                    3. Young & Gettin' It (ft. Kirko Bangz) - Kirko Bangz comes in with a generic autotune hook. Another generic beat. Meek Mill also raps with autotune which is so played out. Terrible track.

                    4. Traumatized - Meek gets personal on this track, the beat sounds good and it has atmospheric feel to it. Really enjoyed this track.

                    5. Believe It (ft. Rick Ross) - For the record, I think Rick Ross is one of the worst rappers of all time. He says at the beginning of this song "all I rap about is money" the most truth I have ever heard from Ross. The hook from Ross is horrible "I got that Justin Bieber, please believe it" WHAT????

                    6. Maybach Curtains (ft. Nas, Rick Ross & John Legend) - This track I had a lot of high hopes for with the Nas and Legend features. The beat was very good, and Meek's verse was solid. Nas killed it and John Legend's hook was pretty nice. But then Rick Ross comes in and just ruins the track, he has no flow and shouldn't be allowed to be in the same building as Nas let alone on the same song.

                    7. Amen (ft. Drake) - Really hated the beat for this, and Meek's flow made it sound even more out of place. Drake comes in with an annoying verse.

                    8. Young Kings - This song sounded like a throw in track, didn't even sound finished.

                    9. Lay Up (ft. Trey Songz & Rick Ross) - I'm a big Trey fan, his hook was funny and catchy. The beat was ok and Meek sounded good. But once again, Ross destroys the mood.

                    10. Tony Story pt. 2 - This track bored me, very generic beat. Meek trying to tell the story but his voice kept me uninterested in the story

                    11. Who Your'e Around (ft. Mary J. Blige) - Mary has been pretty disappointing on her recent features. Another generic beat and a decent verse from Meek. Nothing special.

                    12. Polo & Shell Tops - Simple beat, ok verse from Meek. He is kind of all over the place on this one.

                    13. Rich & Famous (ft. Louie V) - Bragadocious about how much money he has. Louie V with a horrible autotune hook. Autotune has become a common theme in this album. Autotune can be a great tool if used right.

                    14. Real N****s Come First - Pretty decent beat but Meek just screams a little too much and doesn't change his flow really at all. Boring.

                    15. Burn (ft. Big Sean) - Big Sean is just........bad. No flow and he ruins this track that did not have a lot going for it to begin with.

                    16. Freak Show (ft. Sam Sneak & 2 Chainz) - This track made me laugh, from the chorus to 2 Chainz verse. I love 2 Chainz, he makes me laugh every time he does a verse.

                    OVERVIEW: All in all, this album compares greatly to Meek Mill's previous mixtapes. I really enjoyed a few tracks like the Intro and Traumatized and 3/4 of Maybach Curtains. But honestly the rest of the album was just...... boring to me. Not many stand out tracks , too many useless features (the only good ones were Nas, Legend and 2 Chainz). Typical debut album on a major label. Because the album was boring, the album seemed way too long. 16 tracks were far too much for an album with very little substance. MMG ruins another talented artist with potential. I hope they drop Stalley soon!

                    FINAL GRADE: 4.8/10


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                      xxl gave it an xl wich is pretty good....

                      You gonna do jesus piece next ?

                      Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.


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                        Originally posted by canadiansbronco View Post
                        xxl gave it an xl wich is pretty good....

                        You gonna do jesus piece next ?
                        I get why people like it, It just didn't do anything for me.

                        I will do JP soon, still have a few others I'm working on.


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                          Originally posted by The Experience View Post
                          I get why people like it, It just didn't do anything for me.

                          I will do JP soon, still have a few others I'm working on.
                          I see, I think jp could put a fight for album of the year vs gkmc.

                          I just hope streetking immortal will be as good

                          Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.


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                            ALBUM REVIEW: Blu - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them (prod. by Exile)

                            This is the 2nd collaborative album put together by LA Rapper Blu and producer Exile. Their first project entitled "Below The Heavens" is in my opinion one of the greatest indy hip hop albums of all times. Exile's smooth production and consistent jazz samples really mesh well with Blu's laid back flow. To me, Blu is one of the best lyricists and poets in hip hop today. After the much acclaimed success of "Below The Heavens" Blu released 2 solo albums. His "Jesus LP" garnered many mixed reviews. I personally loved it, I thought that it was everything I loved about Blu all on a solo effort with tremendous production and as always, high quality lyrics. He released his first official major label debut "NoYork!" which was an absolute disaster of an album. The production was far too experimental for Blu and it just didn't sound right. So after that album I found myself down on Blu and seriously questioning his future as an artist. However when I hear he was teaming with Exile for a new LP I got excited again. The album was recorded and released in 2011, It got horrible reviews from most. The reason for this was the terrible album quality. So in order to appease their fans, Blu and Exile re-released the album as completely remastered in September of 2012.

                            1. A Letter - The album kicks off with a beautiful instrumental. Smooth jazz and rock samples create a great vibe for the rest of the LP.

                            2. Ease Your Mind - Didn't care for this track too much at first. The sound was experimental and it sounded like something on "NoYork". But the track grew on me on the 3rd or 4th listen. Blu does some singing along with a female vocalist.

                            3. Maybe One Day (ft. Black Spade) - A piano emphasized beat creates a great line for Blu to ride his flow on. The lyrics are on point and Black Spade sings a very nice hook. Blu's rhyme patterns are insane!

                            4. I am Jean - More old school production. Blu comes in with a completely different flow from the previous track. The beat speeds up and so does Blu's flow. Different horns come in and out throughout the track.

                            5. O Heaven - Smooth beat allows Blu to get deep. He talks about his relationship with women and how it will affect his ability to get into heaven. He really shows off his ability as a poet on this track.

                            6. More Out of Life (ft. Jasmine Mitchell) - Blu's crazy rhyme patterns are on display on this track. He is so damn deep and provocative on this track. Each line is meaningful. Jasmine Mitchell adds a nice hook to this track.

                            7. The Only One (ft. Jimetta Rose) - Blu talks about his younger days and how dumbe he once was. How he struggled with being himself growing up in the ghetto with much pressure to be a gangbanger.

                            8. Money - He talks about how he does rap because he loves it, not for the money. This is one of the first beats that is a little more abrasive than the rest, but there is still a very smooth baseline.

                            9. Mask Your Soul - A short, soulful track. Blu continues to switch up his flow on each track. This is a much softer Blu, but he is speaking some of the darkest things I have heard from him.

                            10. Good Morning Neighbor - Classic Blu. He covers multiple topics while talking about a day in his life. Blu shows off his excellent storytelling.

                            11. Growing Pains (ft. Johaz & Fashawn) - The first song with a rapping feature. Johaz puts out a nice verse and Fashawn kills his part. Blu also kills his verse showing that he will not be shown up on a track.

                            12. Don't Be Jelly - Blu speaks in kind of a monotone voice on another smooth sampled beat.

                            13. Berries & Juices - This is the first track I didn't really care for. It just kind of bored me.

                            14. The Great Escape (ft. Homeboy Sandman & ADAD) - Loved this track. If you haven't heard of Homeboy Sandman please check him out. He murdered this track. Would love to hear more from Blu & Sandman in the future.

                            15. Seasons - Another smooth beat with great storytelling of Blu's life. His lyrics on this track are just beautiful.

                            16. A Man - Blu dives into religion and how we put religion on a pedestal and what may be right and what might be wrong. He shows respect to all religions and how we just don't know for sure what created all.

                            17. Cent From Heaven - My favorite beat on the album. You just can't help but nod your head to this track. This is just a pure instrumental to end the album. Just like the beginning of the album. It was a great way to finish the album.

                            OVERVIEW: I freaking loved this thing. Blu and Exile make such a great team. I loved all of the beats on this album and really dug the way it sounded with Blu's voice. Even though it is the same combo this did not sound like "Below The Heavens" which is good. I did not want to hear the same album and they did a great job of mixing it up. Blu is a damn problem. I cannot express how freaking great of a rapper he is. People need to open themselves up to this guy. If you are looking for great lyrical, thought provoking hip hop please check out Blu!

                            FINAL GRADE: 9.1/10


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                              ALBUM REVIEW: T.I. - Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head

                              Hard to believe this is already Atlanta rapper T.I.'s 8th solo album. This is a guy is the blueprint for what it takes to have sustainable success at a popular level. In many ways, T.I. along with Ludacris and Outkast put the city of Atlanta on the hip hop map. I've always thought that T.I. has done a wonderful job making mainstream hip hop. Even his most commercial album "Paper Trail" was a solid release. He always creates an album with plenty of good radio friendly tracks as well as some gritty and even at times provocative songs. You cannot dispute that T.I. is a living southern legend.

                              1. The Introduction - Amazing way to start off the album. T.I . shows his new persona since his time in prison. He talks about his newfound relationship with god and new perspective on life in general. He uses a brilliant Marvin Gaye sample to really tie this track together.

                              2. G Season (ft. Meek Mill) - Tough beat surrounds T.I. on some of his best work lyrically on this track. His 2nd verse after a decent Meek Mill verse is just absolutely incredible. His rhyme structure and delivery is absolutely superb.

                              3. Trap Back Jumpin' - Classic trap beat. I really tried hard not to like this song but I couldn't help but find myself singing along to this track, it's very catchy.

                              4. Wildside (ft. ASAP Rocky) - Real smooth, laid back track. Definitely can see this getting some radio play. This is just a good track to listen to in the car. I'm not an ASAP fan but he put a real solid verse.

                              5. Ball (ft. Lil Wayne) - First real snag so far, the beat is repetitive. T.I.'s verse is solid but the hook is repetitive and annoying. Lil' Wayne is the most annoying rapper to ever walk the planet. His voice makes my ears bleed and this track is no different.

                              6. Sorry (ft. Andre 3000) - Really like this beat and T.I. did a great job on it. Damn, Andre 3 Stacks just continues to prove he is one of the greatest of all time (still waiting on his solo debut). This track is awesome.

                              7. Can You Learn (ft. R.Kelly) - R. Kelly delivers a really nice hook to this track about a woman trying to love a man with a troubled past. The beat is really nice and this is just an all around good track.

                              8. Go Get It - This song is tough, classic southern sound and T.I. is on that flow that I love from him.

                              9. Guns & Roses (ft. Pink) - Real nice slow beat that sounds great and T.I. on some of his best lyrical efforts I have heard from him. Pink has a powerful hook on this track that blends in well with the beat. Very good track.

                              10. The Way We Ride - This song is classic TI. Tough beat with a smooth chorus and rough sound. I can see this getting radio play as well.

                              11. Crusin' - T.I. brings the track with autotune which I have said countless times in this thread that autotune is played out bad unless used right. This song just sounds like any regular autotuned song, nothing new and a dissapointing turn to the album.

                              12. Addresses - He brings the album back with this one. This song sounds like something off of "Urban Legend". T.I. sounds tough and the beat bangs.

                              13. Hello (ft. Cee Lo Green) - Cee Lo's hook is nice, the beat is nothing special and T.I. is solid. But I just can't help but feel like this track is missing something.

                              14. Who Want Some - The beat is boisterous with a really strong bass. T.I. brings us back to the sound that he had with his first 2 albums. He displays a lot of personality in this track.

                              15. Wonderful Life (ft. Akon) - I love this beat, the sound and layering is tremendous. Akon has kind of fallen up recently but he sounds good with this beat and he still sings a very strong hook. I love it when T.I. gets personal on tracks and it just sounds awesome on this song.

                              16. Halleujah - T.I. continues to talk about his previous evils in his life and the things that prison changed his views on it. He talks about how he is now trying to live a path of righteousness after IMO possibly selling his soul for his fortune and fame which he recalls as huge mistake in his life.

                              OVERVIEW: I really didn't think I was going to love this. I have always described T.I.'s work as solid but nothing more. He has become really popular in about the last 5 years most of which wasn't exactly deserved IMO. But this album is great. By far the best project that I have ever heard from T.I. I think that going to prison will end up being one of the best things that ever happened to him. He has displayed a completely new perspective on a life full of regret. But he has used this to make a great LP. I am really looking forward to hearing more from T.I. in the future.

                              FINAL GRADE: 8.3/10
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