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      I'm gonna be looking for a Stay Trippy review

      Album is great IMO. Lyrics aren't impressive but a fun listen.


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        Big Sean's Hall of Fame is better than I thought it would be. There are obvious songs that disappoint but there are some good songs too. Lyrics are solid for the most part.


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          ALBUM REVIEW: Sadistik - Flowers For My Father

          Sadistik is a rapper that hails from the city of Seattle. This is his 3rd official solo release. This is actually my first time listening to this dude on his new LP, Flowers For My Father. Which I give credit right away on the dope ass album cover. Sadistik is known for his very honest, personal and deep lyricism and tracks filled with emotion. The album cover immediately sets off a very dark tone to the entire album. So here we go, my first Sadistik Album review. Flowers For My Father.

          1. Petrichor - The production starts off with a very deep dark tone. Sadistik comes in with a real nice verse that grabbed my attention right away.

          2. Russian Roulette (ft. Cage) - The dark tone continues with this track. The beat I really loved. Sadistik really had a great verse. Cage (who I am a fan of) came in with a good verse and I liked the hook as well. One of my favorite tracks on the album.

          3. City In Amber - Through 3 tracks, Sadistik has already proven to me that he is a great lyricist. This track is some of his best work lyrically.

          4. Snow White - This track was crazy to me. It's about a girl that he is dating that has a cocaine addiction. Any one of us who have ever dated a girl with a addiction, this song hits home. Sadisitik also shows off his ability to speed up his flow like he does for the chorus on this track.

          5. The Beast - Very deep, almost frightening beat for this track. This is his real track about his own self reflection and the demons he lives with everyday. Sadistik comes with some phenomenal lyrics that I think everyone who has battled with themselves will understand.

          6. Kill The King (ft. Deacon The Villain) - Decent track, not sure where it really fits in with the album.

          7. Song For The End Of The World - Another decent track. Sadistik does switch up his flow and goes with a more intricate rhyme scheme than the other tracks. Also a sample of the Nas song "The World Is Yours" is used.

          8. Palmreader (ft. Child Actor) - Loved the beat for this track, and Sadistik is real poetic with his verses. Very good.

          9. Micheal - This is a song that he wrote for his good friend and fellow rapper Eyedea who passed away in 2010. Anyone who has ever lost a friend would find a profound respect for this song. It really hit home for me.

          10. Seven Devils - A more upbeat track but still a lot of great introspection from Sadistik here.

          11. Exit Theme (ft. Astronautalis) - This is another great track, my man Astronautalis does his thing on this song with a bomb chorus and an amazing verse. Sadistik does a good job as well.

          12. Melancholia - The album takes a more positive turn with this track. He talks about overcoming his issues and having a more positive outlook on life. This was my favorite beat on the album. Another one of my favorite tracks.

          13. A Long Winter - Another more positive track. A good way to end the album.

          OVERVIEW: I was really impressed with this album. The lyrical ability of Sadistik is what really grabbed me the most. He is very deep and introspective which I really like about him. To me, this album was like his therapy session. It started off with him talking about a bunch of issues he has had in his life such as his relationships with women and the lost of his best friend. By the end of the album he is taking a much more positive outlook on life. From a production standpoint, it was not mindblowing by any means, but it really worked for what he was trying to do. This was definitely one of my favorite albums of the year.

          FINAL GRADE: 9.1/10
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            do you have any plans to review MNIMN ?

            Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.


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              Originally posted by canadiansbronco View Post
              do you have any plans to review MNIMN ?
              Yeah I'm way behind on reviews right now. Been super busy lately, but I still have the Em album, Ali and Drake to do.