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What do you guys think of Madden 13

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  • What do you guys think of Madden 13

    I got Madden every year, except 12 because I had no X Box then.

    I picked this game up a few weeks back and COULD NOT BELIEVE how poor it was. I am not someone who will moan for the sake of it, but this game was so shocking I actually returned it a few days later.

    I don't play online, I love franchise mode where I can control a franchise for 30 years and look up game stats, get player progression each year and control the stadium upgrades, coaching alignments, hire / fire coaches, drafting, FA pick-ups, etc..................

    First of all the layout is terrible, I had to keep going from screen to screen trying to find anything. I can't view in game stats which I really needed to see. There's no fantasy draft at the start. The scouting is too detailed and takes too long.

    Just can't believe they got rid of the best thing in the game, franchise mode. Connected careers is horrible and I don't care about stupid XP points that keep coming up.

    I was truly shocked how poor it was. Just wondered if anyone thought the same ?

    It might be catered more for online users, but I don't do that.

    This guy sums up my feelings -

    I agree this years madden sucks big time.. Due to the fact they took franchise mode away and tried to tell people that career mode is the same thing.. I can't believe they would even force them self to believe that.. You can't edit players, equipment, numbers, positions, or even the franchise settings. They took your full control of a franchise away and replaced it with some awful mode.They tried to fix gameplay, presentation and tackling. On the other hand theres no damn soundtrack you gotta be kidding me. At a time like this it would have been a perfect year for NFL 2K13 to come out. This years madden is a bust and the makers of this game must be some stupid people to think all this new stuff would make this game better. I look forward to franchise mode and you just take it out of the game. what the hell is wrong with ya. Give 2K Sports their contact back even if it's not as good as madden once was at least they won't do some dumb stuff like this. Madden didnt even tell you they took franchise mode out. They just figured people would have find out after they wasted their money on this rubbish. I'm very disappointed about this years madden and unless they add franchise mode and a soundtrack this game is absolutely garbage'

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    I got it on Vita and that version still has everything in it. I still like it ok but it's not as good as NCAA.

    But I've heard that the Xbox and PS3 version is the worst in franchise history.


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      Problem with Madden is there are to many people who want to drastic of things to make everyone happy.

      Fantasy Draft is back in, and CCM is franchise mode. Only difference is you don't hire OC and DCs (which really did nothing anyways).

      The scouting to me is miles better than anything we had the past few years, but then again you have the it takes to long, but last year it was it was pointless. But scouting to me is a blast, and it makes scouting fun and worth it.

      The reason for the XP is people were complaining that their 6th rd player came in and did good but because he was a 62 overall and D potential he wasn't going to get better so it was pointless keeping him. So they went with the XP system (which can be turned to let the computer do it automatically so it would be like the old progression) but the XP is now given based off of stats which a large crowd was yelling for.

      But the biggest changes were implementing the the new physics and then making online the same as offline which was much needed since online was so bare bones.

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        I bought it after a layoff from getting it for the past few years. I don't like it at all. I hardly feel like I'm playing the game. When you have control of a player it feels like you spend most of your time trying to override the AI. I then played NCAA at Best Buy and the feel was completely different. It felt like I had control and could move where I want to move. But, then I picked up Borderlands 2 from my local RedBox and now I could care less about either. Wish I had invested my money in that rather than Madden or NCAA.
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          It's a cool game and it's got a solid foundation to build apon but It's actually pointless playing as a wide receiver on the player career because even if you're the top WR and you are wide open the quarterback still passes to the tight end that's are in the backfield.
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            I love it, my favorite Madden in a while maybe ever.

            The Connected Careers is 100x better than Franchise ever was IMO. I LOVE the scouting, and the player story lines they make for the college players during the season. It makes it seem so much more like real life. I love that they have some players that were supposed #1 picks at the beginning of the season, and they fall to the 2nd or 3rd round because of bad play/injury/bad combine or whatever. I also like that they actually have busts and diamonds in the rough this year. Some 1st round QBs are 79-80 overall, but every once in awhile there is a 65.

            The ONLY complaint I really have this year is the weird glitchy animations at the end of the play, and after it. There are some pretty weird things where players arms get twisted behind their back, everyone is tripping over everyone, and so on. This is Madden's first year with this new physics system, and I'm sure it will be much cleaner and better next year.

            Anyways, I guess I'm one of few who really like it this year.