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  • Create-a-Team Madden 2013

    I'm probably the only person in the world who used the create a team feature on madden (even though I hated how dated it was) I would always create a franchise with the broncos, win two or three Superbowls and then get bored because I got too good for all-pro but could not buy a game in all madden lol. So I would start a cupcake team and try to get that team somewhere. I recently bought madden 13 and realized that feature was missing. I had been expecting it for a few years now but it's kind of disappointing for me. I just wanted to know if anyone was on the same boat as me or if maybe the reason why they never improved it was because I was the only moron using it hahaha

    anyway, hope they bring it back next year and improve some of its features. it would be great to create your own team and use the new head coach career.
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    Just use the rams and put their best players on the trade block. That's about as close a it gets.

    But just remember, a couple months ago it was soooo much worse.
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      I didn't even know they took Create-A-Team out. Glad I didn't buy that piece of crap. That was always the FIRST thing I did in Madden. I'd create a team and use them in Franchise mode. Or I create players for the Hall of Fame mode.

      Same goes for NCAA with their Teambuilder. Are you sure Madden didn't just adopt Teambuilder? I think it's a little better and more extensive because you create your team online and then download it from EA to your console.

      If they would do that, that would be awesome. They also need to bring back Owner Mode a la Madden '04. Those are the only reasons I play Madden.



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        I'd create a team and start a fantasy draft. The fun of the fantasy draft was taken away in this Madden. Connected Careers is decent, but it isn't as deep as the producers advertise it to be.


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          One of the biggest things I missed in Madden 13 (with the patches added on) is the fact you cannot hire coaches in the franchise mode. I loved the idea of bringing in an ex-hc with strong bonus' to be on my team as my OC or DC, and this year you can't do that. I was hoping for the inverse, that maybe they'd expand that to include position coaches and periodically have new candidates added in, with maybe some of them being "future star coaches" that would gain experience quickly and be excellent coaches that could leave for outside promotions or be promoted up within the organization. But no. We don't need to hire coaches anymore.