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    I just finished max payne 3. What a game! Rockstar did a nice job with this one, Just recently picked up sleeping dogs and hitman absolution.


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      Dear OP,

      The game you really need to check out is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


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        Originally posted by #87Birdman View Post
        So for Christmas I recieved a gift card for a new game but I really haven't been following video games to closely recently. I own a 360 and prefer RPG's for single player but enjoy playing multiplayer games.

        So the question is there any good games coming out soon that I should wait for or are there some decent ones out there now that I maybe able to use a buy 2 get one free used game that I always seem to aqcuire from Gamestop?

        Thanks in advanced for the advice

        P.S. recent games I have played include

        Madden 2013
        Borderlands 2
        CoD Blop 2
        Witcher 2
        Kingdoms of Almur
        Based on the last 2 games in your list...I'd recommend Dragon's Dogma.
        It's an RPG...a very good RPG.

        The demo is on marketplace if you want to try it out and there are a load of reviews. I'd recommend watching the Angry Joe Show review of the game. He nails it on it's pros and cons, I'd link him but he is a foul mouthed person.

        The game is about $40 used and $50 or less new. The level of character customization is ridiculous. As well as the combat, but again Angry Joe could give you a good review.

        If not that, maybe Dishonored. The new Army Of Two comes out later this month or next month, so you could just wait for that.
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