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    I never cry about TV shows or movies.

    However, I first started to understand and watch football around 2005. That was the year that Denver made it to the playoffs and beat NE in the divisional round (I remember the Champ Bailey interception) but lost to Pittsburgh in the AFC championship round. I didn't cry then, but ever since that year I grew up and became a die-hard Bronco fan (to the point where I decided to join this forum). Then came the Baltimore playoff game in January. The whole regular season was magical and really was a bright point for me (after enduring the rocky late Shanahan years and the disastrous McDaniels tenure). I was so confident by playoff time, only to have all my hopes crushed by a lucky Joe Flacco. I didn't endure the multiple Super Bowl losses in the 80s and 90s, but this was the first time I experienced a cold loss from our Broncos. After the game I was so stunned and didn't know what to do. I just put my head down and sobbed like a baby into the night. I was too stunned to watch Colin Kaepernick's destruction of the Packers. I hated the Ravens from that night and I will for the rest of my life (just kidding, but we have a rivalry now).


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      I don't know why but every time I see this thread bumped up on the recent posted threads..

      I get this damn song stuck in my head... for reasons unknown.


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        Originally posted by JayJack View Post
        I usually don't cry, but on this particular day, Extreme Home Makeovers just had me in tears, and the bad part was that it was a marathon. I think I cried though 5 episodes straight before I told myself that enough is enough.

        I also get choked up on the episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will meets his father. The part where will have all these plans and his father tries to leave again just gets to me.
        That episode had me, my mom, and my nurse in tears. My nurse didn't even like the show, but she bawled
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          Originally posted by InsaneBlaze23 View Post
          It's not stupid. Usually when TV shows or movies make people cry, it means that part touched you in some way.

          Grow up without a father, so those touch me.
          Me too. Field of Dreams, "Hey Dad want to have a catch.." get's me everytime.

          The Star Spangled Banner when I'm at a venue gets me everytime especially with the flyover.

          I've cried over Broncos quite a few times most recently versus the Ravens and I cried the night the Phillies won the World Series in 08' because my Nanny had died a few months earlier and said they would win.

          My wife has only only seen me cry four times in 11 years. Births of our two children,and two times when I was drunk and conversations took to a friend of mine who was killed.
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            When I was on pain meds I would cry at like sad commercials and dead animals along the road.

            I'm pretty sappy to begin with though. I won't watch Toy Story 3 with other people in the room.


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              This is not really "something stupid" but it did make me cry a bit



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                I cry when watching some romantic movies and other cheesy stuff. Boy Meets World gets to me sometimes as someone else also said. If I am with my girlfriend, I won't cry. For some reason, I am not able to let the tears flow when in front of people unless it's something very tragic like the passing of my grandmother.

                I think crying is a good release and I often find that I just need to have good cry at times but these are different from the ones movies or television cause.


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                  TV has never made me cry, in terms of fiction

                  The only time ive cried whilst watching TV is when the news of Darrent Williams popped up on TV. I was 12 at the time, and it genuinely hurt me. He was my favorite player. I still have my #27 White "Williams" jersey at home.