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    Originally posted by THEdraftnik View Post
    Same ol' story? On one album he has stuff about drugs, gang violence, working, homosexual rights, selling out, love, and has a couple joke songs.
    He makes pop music. I find nothing about his music unique. To each their own... it just seems like run of the mill pop music to me.

    His message and beliefs are great and I think it's awesome .


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      Wings is the perfect example of a 'run of the mill' pop song.


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        Originally posted by theMileHighGuy View Post
        Wings is the perfect example of a 'run of the mill' pop song.
        I'll have to agree to disagree then.

        When I think 'run of the mill' I think of the songs that get played on the radio for a couple weeks that dont have meaning but have a catchy lyric or beat but don't have any replay value.

        Far East Movement, Drake, Rhianna, One Direction, etc.

        But to each his own, I can understand where you're coming from somewhat. I was getting heated when all he was known for was thrift shop when it's one of his songs that I like the least.
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        Originally posted by Mosk
        Joey Bosa ~ Jason Spriggs ~ Darian Thompson ~ Nick Vannett ~ Paul Perkins ~ Dan Vitale


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          I think he was being sarcastic... hahaha


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            I love hip-hop but this guy doesn't do it for me. To each his own though. The guy obviously worked hard to get where he is today, can't knock that.


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              Oh I just wanted to point out that a certain someone is still #1 on the billboards for 'Can't hold Us'.

              2 MONTHS LATER. Booyah!

              "Maybe if he had an iron suit or a magic hammer...."


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                I like nearly all the songs on his newest album. My favorite is "Make The Money," but a lot of the other ones are really close. Good artist. I like how different he is from the vast majority of the other modern day "rappers."