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  • What computers do you have?

    Anymore it seems, I barely use my windows PC or laptop. Even now as I post I'm posting from a samsung chromebook. After owning an android tablet for over 2 years now, I have a hard time going back to windows. In fact I almost try to find every reason I can to stay away from windows.

    Compared to any standard Windows computers, my tablet can do just about anything I need it to do, and faster. Dont even get me started on the security differences. Now I do understand that Windows computers still have there place. I feel that place might be soon coming to an end once developers like adobe and what not start making "apps" (hate calling them that).

    Take for example my little $35 android pc. Does everything a standard PC can do minus Microsoft office, which is a little overplayed if you ask me seeing as how Office 365 is available for every device out there if you MUST have Office. Back to point. My android PC is fanless (no annoying fans) can run any external hard drive, flash drive, mouse, keyboard, you name it. All in the size of a standard flash drive. No need to overpay for a windows PC when this thing can do it all. Hence why I forced my mother to get one (got sick of taking virus' off and worrying about her financial security).

    Maybe at this point I'm just ranting about how much I dislike windows from years of working on them. Curious of what devices everyone here has and how they like them compared to a Windows PC/laptop.

    Edited to include my devices: AMD desktop, old intel core 2 duo laptop, ipad2 (girlfriends) Xoom(the developer edition not the newer crappier ones) samsung chromebook, mini android pc(mk808), ipod and iphone4s(again the wifeys) and my nexus s and galaxy nexus phones. God I'm such a geek lol
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    One of those mini computers will be my next tinker toy. Havent decided which though.
    "If you fumble the ball, I will break off my foot in your John Brown hind parts; and then you will run a mile."My Adopted bronc is Duke Ihenacho


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      I can only use an IBM think pad with a mouse in the middle
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          My desktop is self built, stats:

          Asus Sabertooth 990fx mobo
          AMDFX-8150 3.6 ghz octocore (auto OCed to 4.2 ghz)
          8gb Patriot 1866mhz DDR3
          MSI GeForce GTX 560ti**
          256GB Transcend SSD
          500GB Seagate HDD
          750w kingwin modular psu
          Dual-out 1920x1080 23", 1280x1024 17"
          Dual-boot Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and Debian 7.1

          **I had a GTX 660 1gb card, and it burned out 6 days after the warranty expired, so I had to put my older 560ti in. That's just how my life works.

          I just bought a Corsair closed-case liquid cooler for my processor, the thing is awesome.

          I actually use my laptop I bought a few years ago way more though. It's a 15" Toshiba Satellite L775. Good enough for most of the things I do besides gaming. It's nothing spectacular. Dual-core 2.0ghz, 4gb ram. It was $300, and has the numpad and hdmi out I was looking for.

          I have another computer I use just as Ventrilo/minecraft/whatever server.


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            I am still on the old Macbook I bought in Sept of 2007.

            I have a 1st generation Ipad, but I don't really do much with it beyond reading and a few games I downloaded. I don't really like typing on it. I posted a little bit using it when I was on vacation a few weeks ago, but very little, and that's the only typing on it I have done for months, other than entering passwords.

            My phone is even older than my Mac...... The Motorola Razor from 2005 or 06.

            Just about ready to replace both. The phone, well, it's just old, and I don't text. With a new one, texting would be much easier, and my daughter would actually respond to me! lol Otherwise, it's just fine. I really don't need anything but a phone there.

            But the Mac is starting to go. The screen goes white, I lose control of my mouse, and have to close it and re-open it to be able to just see it. It's not too bad, but it's getting worse.

            The only thing I really have on IT are pictures. Over 4000 of them. (Mostly Bronco game pics, lol.) Just trying to decide what to go wih next, that I can transfer them all to easily.

            Probably just gonna get another Mac. I always had problems with PC based laptops, and this thing has worked perfectly up until a few months ago, and I started having this screen problem.

            I did drop it a few years back, and split the screen, so it's been repaired once already. I have thought about looking into another repair, but considering it's age, I think it would be just beter to buy a new one, put my pictures on it, and live happily ever after.

            Until that one goes....


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              Mostly I use a Samsung N130 Netbook.
              My old Desktop which is 5+ years old is mainly used for backup and storage as well as printing stuff.

              And JWinn, I recommend a Cat to control your mouse problem


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                i will always use a PC for gaming, at least until something comes out that is better for gaming. the consoles are starting to get close but still not as good and PC's can be upgraded and software modified (like skyrim for example)

                that's pretty much all i use my PC for anymore, other than coming here


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                  I only have two.

                  1. Notebook (~2006 iirc) - generic Compal barebone (HEL80C model)

                  OS: Windows XP SP3 and Ubuntu on a different partition (only used for network tweaking)
                  Intel Core2 T7200 2.00 GHz
                  NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600
                  Kingston 2 GB
                  Samsung 120 GB (upgrade from 40 GB in 2009)

                  I use it for everything outside of FSX which is reserved for my custom build.

                  2. FSX build

                  OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
                  Intel I5-3570K (stable at 4.5 GHz)
                  Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H
                  eVGA GeForce GTX 780 Superclocked
                  G.SKILL Trident X 16 GB 2400 MHz (removed heatsinks to make room for CPU cooler)
                  Samsung 840 EVO 1 TB, Samsung 840 EVO 500 GB, Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
                  2x ASUS VE248H (will upgrade soon)
                  Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W
                  Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
                  Corsair Obsidian 900D
                  Plantronics GameCom 780
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                    Dell P.O.S.
                    Its only redeeming quality is the fact that its not a Mac.

                    Will probably get a nicer laptop in the next year.
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