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Class Action Lawsuit against Fox Sports...lawyers need reply

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    Originally posted by Peanut View Post
    The MB is a good place to vent. If that's all everyone wants to do, fine. Vent away.

    If people are serious about their complaints, contacting FOX or DirectV would be more productive.
    I agree 100%. I already suggested to both to contact Directv and complain. They may be lucky to get a discount on next months bill.

    The argument with Fox is a pointless one though as they and CBS both do this on a regular basis and don't owe any one fan base anything.


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      Den game was on local channel and had the same Sea/Hou game go to OT.. Went to 713 and the played every snap then it got moved to local channel then they switched to dal game and Den game was blacked out for 5 min... Missed the Blocked punt for TD and then it was back on. Sucks I missed the TD but glad I didn't go thru want y'all did. Not going lie I called DTV and it was back on before I could talk to some one lol