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  • Vampires and Zombies

    Am I mistaken, but is there a new Vampire/Zombie movie or tv show out about every other week?????

    I imagine that 101 film school has a focus on the V's and the Z's! So I am guessing that a Vampires vs Zombies thriller wouldn't be a new thing, right?

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    It does seem like zombies are all the rage now. Not that I dislike zombie movies, on the contrary, some of my favorites are zombie films. But it starts to lose it's allure when everyone starts releasing the same thing. It becomes formulaic.


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      Hopefully with them being ran into the ground so often they won't be around much longer.
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        It's the reason I don't care for Zombies anymore. The genre is being milked, same for Vampires, and Vamps are getting it the worst. All of these Vamp movies and shows are soft and glamour, nothing like the ones I grew up with and you guys grew up with. The Blades, Underworld, Dracula, etc.

        I posted it on facebook a week ago that George A Romero the father of zombie films said in a interview that he doesn't like shows like the Walking Dead because they seem like Soap Operas with Zombies occasionally. He also said AMC offered him deals to director a few episodes which he turned down. He said he also didn't like the Zombies in world war Z. Didn't say it was a bad film, just the Zombies are like army ants.

        It's all popularity, my generation and the younger generation is obsessed with Zombies right now. Walking Dead would have gotten cancelled in 2010, but it got big on Netflix and as people kept talking about it, more and more started watching it saving it.

        It's annoying, I like Zombie films once every few years, not one every quarter.
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