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  • Finished Longmire, now watching Stranger Things.
    "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


    • Originally posted by DenverBlood View Post

      Yeah discovered that last night and was watching it this morning. Got a ways left to go cuz I’m not watching it around my kids. I agree I’m surprised Netflix isn’t getting sued for a near copyright infringement. I mean the fight club reference was a little too copycat.

      There is some subtle differences. The HBO one I like how they are diving into more acts and how they influenced the crowd where the Netflix one seems to try to put most of the blame on Korn, Limp and RCHP. When in reality it wasn’t any of the artists fault for doing what they get paid to do. Netflix breaking it up into three segments day by day creating a little more buildup with explosion at the end of each episode.

      I get chills watching the crowds during Korn and Limp Bizkits performance. An audience that large and basically all moving in one wave frenzy is amazing to see. I’ve always liked Korn but never seen them live. I don’t know if I could survive those moshes but I don’t think seeing them live today would touch that feeling of being in that frenzy. At least not where I live where rock gets minor attention.
      Saw them last night in Denver and it was amazing. And what was cool was the moshes were still crazy because of all the young kids in the crowd. They absolutely resonate with this young generation. If you can get to see it!!!!!


      • Not sure if anyone posted this when it originally came out but watched Fyre Festival after trainwreck. Can’t believe that guy only got 6 years for that.