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Gatorade's Peyton Manning comic book... commercials

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  • Gatorade's Peyton Manning comic book... commercials

    -Gatorade's Peyton Manning comic book is one of the most brilliant things we've ever seen-

    "Gatorade has teamed up with DC Comics to turn some of the NFL's biggest stars into comic book superheroes. Among those superheros is The Sheriff, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

    The game is played at Sports Authority Field at Mile High against the Washington Redskins. The 'Skins score first, but Denver comes back quickly to take the lead.

    I don't want to give away the entire storyline, but the comic features flashbacks to Peyton's childhood, high school days, college career, and yes, even his time in Indy.

    What would a Peyton Manning comic book be without an OMAHA reference? OMAHA!" ...

    The complete comic can be viewed on Gatorade's website. It's definitely worth your time. Go read it. Now.

    The comic book:

    If anyone sees this made available in print, please post? Thank you! :thumb:

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    - Peyton Manning gets own comic character, Gatorade bottle -

    "He lays down the law on the football field and now Peyton Manning's stern authority as a quarterback has earned him his own comic character, The Sheriff.

    Gatorade has teamed up with DC Entertainment to create digital comics featuring five NFL stars, called "The League of Captains."

    Not only does each have their own alter ego as a comic character, but they each have their own limited time Gatorade bottles.

    Manning's liquid is (what other color would it be?) Denver Broncos orange. The bottles went on sale in stores nationwide this week. The comics can be read at" ...


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      Gatorade - Big Talk (Peyton's "The Sheriff" Gatorade Ice Bath)

      Gatorade - Rain (Peyton's "The Sheriff" Gatorade with Eli's Gatorade)
      "Big Easy calls his shot. The Sheriff calls baloney. The forecast calls for rain."


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        I want some Sheriff garorade!


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          They passed these out at the Seahawk game Thursday night. Not sure where, but I saw lots of people with them, and found one after the game in decent shape while picking up a few extra left behind cups.


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            Gatorade | Sweat It To Get It: Couple ft. Peyton Manning:

            Gatorade | Sweat It To Get It: Yoga ft. Peyton Manning:

            Gatorade | Sweat It To Get It: Get Open ft. Peyton Manning:

            Gatorade | Sweat It To Get It: Locked ft. Peyton Manning:

            Gatorade | Sweat It To Get It: Dude ft. Peyton Manning:

            -Ad of the Day: Peyton Manning and Cam Newton Prank Store Customers for Gatorade-

            "Gatorade must think its customer base is too big, as the brand's new ad campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day shows people in convenience stores being denied the sports beverage unless they're actively sweating.

            Eight hidden-camera style videos are anchored by Rob Belushi (son of Jim), who plays the deadpan store clerk doing the denying—explaining to the customers that they have to "sweat it to get it" (the campaign's tagline) and "burn some to earn some."

            Peyton Manning and Cam Newton then make cameos—the former as the ostensible manager of the store, the latter as a fellow customer." ...

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              New Peyton Manning Gatorade commercials. Hilarious!



              Hooray, beer!


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                Cool! i saw another one where a woman was doing yoga.


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                  Hey, my bad, I didnt search well enough. CP to Emily and an apology for not cping it sooner!

                  Hooray, beer!


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                    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Too funny.
                    :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa: