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Console Gamers - TV or Monitor?

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  • Console Gamers - TV or Monitor?

    I've been recently thinking about purchasing a new TV. I started doing some research as to what the best TV would be for a "filthy casual" such as myself when I started seeing a lot of people recommending using monitors instead.

    So I started doing some research on Monitors and see that there are just as many if not more options for Gaming Monitors that there are for TV's!!

    The only drawbacks I can come up with is ...

    - With a monitor, you're getting just that! A monitor, nothing more, nothing less. Now some of those monitors do come with built in speakers and such so I assume they could be used to play any type of media that connects with an HDMI cable? ... maybe I'm wrong? Monitors seem to have better "stats" if you will for playing games but again, you're not going to get anything more than a monitor.

    - with a TV, of course you're getting the TV but then you also have the options to hook up all your TV watching accessories, cable boxes, dvd players, sound bars etc etc etc ... most TV's fall shorts in the "Stats" section when it comes to pure gaming but most of those short comings probably wouldn't be recognizable by a filthy casual as myself.

    So what say you Gamers? TV or Gaming Monitor?

    If you want to leave some links to what you have or wish you had that would be appreciated also!

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    TV and I don't even see how it's a discussion.

    Unless you can show me a 60-70 inch monitor. I don't care if monitor can do higher resolution of whatever the nerds want to call it. I like you wouldn't notice the different.

    But I notice a huge difference in my 60 inch tv versus my 27 inch work monitor.


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      Well there are things to keep in mind when comparing ...

      You cant put a regular computer monitor in the discussion really as they are not spec'd to be considered a gaming monitor.

      When you're looking at gaming monitors vs. TVs you take into account several factors including size, resolution and refresh rate but most importantly is the grey to grey response times. Most off the shelf TVs cant compete with a monitors response time, anything sub 12ms is hardly noticable by the untrained eye but for those that understand it the difference between a good gaming monitor with a 1ms response and a TV with 12ms is huge!

      Theres really no doubt that gaming monitors can be superior to regular TVs but it all depends on the end users needs.

      I guess I should state that cost & size are important factors in my decision as well as I don't plan on buying a 60" TV. It's either going to be a TV between 32" & 42" or a Gaming Monitor around 27"


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        If the sizes are close then I would probably go with the superior monitors.

        But for me I have a 60 inch tv. So like I said in my case I prefer the huge screen compared to any resolution advantage.


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          TV all day bro


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            You can use a monitor as a TV as well, I used to do that in one room and it worked just fine.

            Also, you can use a converter if the output is different.

            As for the question, I personally have no preference. They both work as intended.
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              Yeah I know you can use the Monitor as a TV as well, which is nice but whatever I choose to get will probably be solely used for gaming.

              I have a 52" TV in my living room but most nights the wife doesn't want to watch me play Destiny so it would be nice to retreat into the bedroom and fire up the PS4!