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dish, direct, comcast, netflix?

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    Originally posted by Bronco51 View Post
    I have Directv and have had it for 16 years. For me it's because of the sports packages. You'll hear horror stories for each provider, but I have never had an issue with Directv, I get good discounts on programming and equipment so I am not leaving them any time soon.
    I got DirectTV for both the NFL & NCAAF programs, and they are great programs. However it is quite expensive
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      yeah see we have the tv on all the time but its still a toss up on what we want to do. i def dont want 300 bill for both phone and internets
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        Originally posted by DenverBlood View Post
        I'm confused I thought we were talking about download speed not upload speed. My upload is only like 10MB/Sec.

        I do the higher package for gaming. I was tired of dealing with major lag on TitanFall and Madden. After I upgraded I never had any lag on Titanfall again. It's also rare on madden unless the other user is very laggy and that's on them.

        I also was getting horrible video streaming from apps like Netflix and hbo go. Now they all run in HD smoothly.
        Nah that's my bad, poor wording. I meant downstream. You barely need a 15mbit connection to stream in HD, but if that's all you pay for that kind of connection that's awesome. I'll never get that at that price living out here in the woods.

        Originally posted by armedequation View Post
        what packages do you run with comcast or others?

        we have amazon prime and was thinking that and netflix. sports though would be a big thing.

        we are probably gonna pick up an xbox 1 to run it through..

        and thanks for the thoughts!
        With my triple play package I get the 230+ channel package with the starz and hbo bundles, 105 mbit internet, and nationwide homephone calling for $119/mo.

        That's the promotional price, so naturally after 2 years or whatever it goes up, but that's when you call and tell them you want to cancel and then they'll make you a deal.