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    I just caught a late night Justice League showing. So here are my thoughts.
    Coming off the abomination that was Batman vs Superman, I wasn't sure what to expect out of this movie. So what did I get??? What I got was just an okay movie. First let's start with the new characters. I really, really liked Momoa's Aquaman. I thought he was great. I also really liked Ray Fisher's Cyborg. Ezra Miller's Flash was terrible. He was supposed to be comic relief, but nearly ever joke fell flat and he just came across as an annoying twerp. That goes for the movie as a whole. It tries so hard to be funny, but it is not. Steppenwolf is a terrible villain in this film. You never get a remote sense of danger from him. The CGI they used for him was god awful. You knew the entire time you were looking at CG. The entire movie is rushed. WB takes fault here for mandating this film be no more than 2 hours in length. The use of slow mo in the action scenes were laughably bad. The CG as a whole is very underwhelming.
    I don't wanna make it off like I hated this movie because I didn't. It was an entertaining film. There was just way to many issues to make it a great movie. It's better than BvS and Suicide Squad (not saying much at all).
    FINAL SCORE: 65/100