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Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

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    I thought it was ok up until the end. I didn’t like Rey calling herself a Skywalker, I feel it leaves the door open for more movies about Skywalker and I don’t think I can take the same story being retold in another way again.


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      Originally posted by baphamet
      I just watched it last night, it was good, i'll admit. but overall i think they could have done a far better job with a show about a mandalorian bounty hunter. I am waiting to see what they come up with "the old republic era" movie they supposedly have in the works. if that is true they better not mess that one up!

      it should be movies about bastila, revan and malak, then they could make movies about bane and zannah that later sets up the back story of plagueis and palpatine and they can make all those movies rated R like they should be. that is my dream at least
      The subtle reference (maybe not so subtle since I haven’t seen it mentioned) to Revan and Malak in Rise of Skywalker did get me very excited. If for nothing else I’d love to see the original KOTOR made into a movie but it’d probably lead to remastered release of the game and hopefully a reboot of the series, possibly redo 2 altogether.


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        Not sure how I felt about it.....

        I think overall, it was just 'meh'.