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    It's the Canadian in me, eh....sorry, but I was extremely happy for Schitt's Creeks' performance in The Emmys, sweeping the comedy awards. We were watching in a shocked but thrilled way, as every one of the key awards went to them. We would have been happy had they only won one, maybe two.

    I love the show. Watched all 6 years of it. They made a bold but thoughtful decision to end the show on their terms, with their conclusion. And I'm sure, many people have never seen it. But that's ok.

    It was a small town show (though the family had come from being wealthy), and was very low key.. But it brought all the parts together in the end, and was often funny, especially Catherine O'hara, who along with Eugene Levy, gave the show some wings when it began.

    I wish it had continued, but I salute them for choosing how and when, not how much money.
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