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Which Celebrity's death upset you the most?

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  • Which Celebrity's death upset you the most?

    For me it would have to be Brandon Lee. I've always been a huge Bruce Lee fan so I followed Brandon's career as well. I could tell that he was really coming to his own and starting to separate himself from his father legendary status.

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    DeForest Kelley. Dr. McCoy

    THE nicest celeb I ever met!!!!!!!


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      tupac,reggie white, ol dirty basterd


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        Originally posted by JWinn
        DeForest Kelley. Dr. McCoy

        THE nicest celeb I ever met!!!!!!!

        I never met him but I would have liked to.

        He was a brillant character actor.


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          He sure was. He did a lot more than just Star Trek.

          But I usually dont get "upset" over a celeb's death. I just met him at a convention in California when working for a place that sold sci-fi stuff years ago.

          He was so easy to talk to. He made you feel like you had been his buddy for years. That's why it upset me. Of all the Trek stars, he was by far the easiest to talk to. Bill Shatner on the other hand...................


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            Originally posted by The Dark Knight
            For me it would have to be Brandon Lee. I've always been a huge Bruce Lee fan so I followed Brandon's career as well. I could tell that he was really coming to his own and starting to separate himself from his father legendary status.
            the crow was the best movie


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              Ray Charles
              Reggie White
              Jonny Carson


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                Kurt Cobain

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                  John Lennon being murdered in December 1980 was so tragic!

                  He had just released his first album in years, full of really good songs, and the promise of many more awesome tunes in the coming years was snuffed out cold!

                  Mark David Chapman, John's murderer, was/is an absolute waste of skin, blood and bones. Creepy stalker wannabe.

                  Imagine! Perhaps the Beatles might have gotten together for a reunion tour, and or final album? Who knows what awesome music will never be because of that horrible act of an insane fool.

                  I was in LA, watching Monday Night Football, when Howard Cosell came on and announced to the world the news of Lennon's assasination. The sadness was palpable and intense. I was not devastated, but the senseless loss caused a sadness that lingered within my soul to this day.
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                    Phil Hartman
                    Chris Farley
                    Kurt Cobain
                    Princess Diana

                    I'm not upset about the older folks passing. It was their time, but for these guys they went before their time was up.

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                      Generally, I don't care if a celebrity passes, regardless of circumstance. They don't usually get murdered (like Lennon, which is why his death was so sad), but they usually die of the things we do: illness, age, suicide.

                      I vaguely remember Lennon dying. I was 5, so it wasn't a big deal to me.

                      I remember Denny Wilson dying ( the Beach Boys) in 1983. That had a little more impact on me, even though were an 'oldies' act, because I knew so many of their songs, and I was trying to teach myself the drums to all that old rock n roll stuff.

                      I was indifferent to Cobain's death. I don't care for his music, and he was a drug user who committed suicde, so I am not exactly sympathetic. What really PISSED me off was the aftermath. ALL of my peers (ok, not all, but I was in the minority on this) were crying and acting like he was some Jesus-like figure. He wasn't even a good musician, and they were saying things like "He was a genius, its so sad" or "He was the voice of our generation". REALLY? I couldn;t understand what any of hsi songs were about, and even if I did, I am pretty sure that he doesn;t speak for me. And generally, musical genuises can be a lot more creative than he was. If not with their actual writing, then their arrangemenst are usually mind-blowing. (See Mozart, Stevie Wonder, early Prince). When your local self taught drummer (me) can pick up a guitar and learn any of his songs in a day, sorry, you don;t qualify as genius.

                      So for fun, on my college radio show, I refused to play Nirvana, and used to actually get listeners pissed off. SOme would call, and we would have discussions. Here's a tip: If you are a dour, grungy person who imitates the lifestyle Cobain lived, and actually think his music spoke to you, you have a sad life. Don't call a college DJ, while drunk, in order to try and 'put teh DJ in his respectful place". The DJ is sober. The DJ has digital editing equipment to make you look like an even bigger ass than you are. The DJ can take your words out of context. Arguing with a DJ just means that you really have no life. I am a DJ and I tell you this in all honesty, we like listeners, because obviously, we generally like the music we play. But we don't like jerk listeners who think that its THEIR personal jukebox.

                      Anyway, the celebrity death that affected me most? Hmmm......well, Cobain's DID affect me. It made me the 'weird guy' who didn't like Nirvana. So that was a bad thing.

                      There are probably no celebrities that I can say I felt a loss for upon hearing of their death.

                      Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                      The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
                      You should check these guys out


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                        Originally posted by Jared
                        . He wasn't even a good musician,
                        That opinion suprises me, considering he was a guy who opened the door for a whole genre of music.

                        I have to disagree. His music was special.
                        Originally posted by boltzpride619
                        What's so funny is seeing all this mess that the Donks and the fans have placed on themselves. Can you say Raiders.

                        Originally posted by RunByDesign
                        True comedy is observing the Self Imploding Organization that is the Raiders and then asking yourself this question:

                        What separates them (Raiders) from us (Chargers)

                        Answer: Championships.


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                          John Lennon
                          Princess Diana


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                            Dale Earnhardt - by far - I actually cried


                            Chris Farley


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                              Jackie Gleason- Some of you know how I love the Smokey and the Bandit movie, and The Sherriff was my favorite role. I actually was him this past Halloween.

                              John Belushi- An inspiration for all us fat, funny guys. He also died the day of my Bar Mitzvah.

                              John Lennon- of course.

                              Elvis- though not a fan of his music, just felt like a piece of Americana died that day.