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    Originally posted by LoufromLItt.
    Tupac's greates hits.. Thug mansion baby!!! the only place where thugs get in free and u gotta be a g' in thug mansion, place to spend my quite nights...

    Biggie im not sure...

    Thug's mansion was on Pac's Better Dayz CD. Good CD, so was his Greates hits of course.


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      Originally posted by West
      i personally like anything Luda, and Linkin Park/Jayz....

      but my new favorite is Trick and Luda "Sugar"

      "lay her back back, make her booty go SMACK SMACK"

      ^^^^best line of the song

      love that song - my newest favoritist too

      - Best line though - "If I bite ya- I'll bet you'll like it"

      and PS its - Laid her on her back back, turned her around gave her bottom a smack smack

      I gots to go out dancin - just for that song alone


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        Originally posted by bronx_2003
        have you heard the new single from nas - in a moment (or just a moment, something like that)
        "Just A Moment"

        Yeah, that's a nice song.

        "Today's the tomorrow that you should've feared yesterday."


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          Originally posted by bronx_2003
          ......... i have alot of albums from eminem/game/50 cent/chingy, etc............ but i dont have any


          jay z


          cd's. so what would you recommend as the best one to get?
          i got snoops first album, its aight. i also got his new one, its not great, but it does the job. i have most of jay z's cds the man is near genious, i meen to jump at nas, not very smart ether was an song.


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            Snoop's greatest hits CD is off the chains. The old school songs are the best. Gin and Juice, Nuthing but a G thang, does it get any better?
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              Originally posted by BroncosB2B
              Snoop's greatest hits CD is off the chains. The old school songs are the best. Gin and Juice, Nuthing but a G thang, does it get any better?

              Man, I must be old if Snoop's first record is "old School". I call it 'middle era" which is just some term for me to use. Old school, to me, is probably pre-N.W.A./Dre West Coast stuff. Only because before then, the only rap that had true commercial appeal was the non hardcore stuff that was party oriented. (Except for Public Enemy....they were amazing). Stuff like MC Hammer, Young MC, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, LL Cool J, etc.

              After N.W.A. broke big, it showed that harder themed music was commercially viable and changed hip-hop and pop culture forever.

              I am not sure where the 'new school' started. Maybe after Tupac and Biggie died?

              Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

              The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
              You should check these guys out


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                One of the best hip hop CD's of all time in my opinion is the chronic 2001 by Dr. Dre, it is just a quality CD, every song on that CD is a banger, Dre put a special effort into this one and it came with every song being amzing.

                Tupac All Eyez on me is a bomb CD 'mind Made up' is my favorite song of all time probably..


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                  I gotta say everyones suggestions are all great albums.

                  My new(not nessecarily new artists/albums) personal favorites are Ludacris, DMX, and anything G Unit (preferable Young Buck).

                  But Biggie, man he is untouchable in my mind. Gimmi the loot, hypnotize, warning, dude it doesnt get any more gangsta then those.