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Why can't you appreciate Rap?

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    Originally posted by silver_black

    anybody looking for some true hip-hop without that nonsense here are some:
    Little Brother, Sage Francis, Visionaries, Talib Kweli, Living Legends, J-live, Madvillain, MF Doom, Hieroglyphics, LMNO

    Throw in Mos Def, Nas, the Roots, Public Enemy, Big L, and some Jadakiss.

    I'm also just having some trouble of not going off on some people. Rap is NOT all about money, hoes, and cars. Yes SOME of it is, but don't judge a whole genre on a few clowns that glorify that. And as far as violence in rap goes, those rappers are explaining the situations they had to go through in their environment. Now glorifying that is wrong, but not ALL do.

    And as far as originiality goes, i hear a lot of the same sounding rock bands these days, and almost everyone copies something that someone else did in the past.

    That's just my take and like i said before it's all apples and oranges. If you don't like it, fine, but don't badmouth something you don't know a lot about.
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