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    Did anyone here other than me watch Contender? If so, did you catch yourself screaming and yelling for your fav boxer during the course of the show? I quit watching boxing when it turned into "Let's see how quick Tyson can kill someone for $49.99". If more boxers actually boxed like these guys did, I might spend some cash on the pay per view fights again. These guys showed alot of heart and went toe to toe with each other for the better part of every round. Hope they do this one again, it was a nice change from the current spat of reality shows.

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    I couldn't stand that show. It's so ... choreographed you might say? Skip that show and wait for 'The Ultimate Fighter: Season 2'.


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      My wife and I actually liked the show. It had drama w/the boxers trying to pick matches and all the head games involved. The edited versions of the bouts at the end of each episode were good. Made the fights more exciting than they actually were. Did you see the finale? Too much clinching and in-fighting for my tastes. I thought the Latin Snake was going to stick-and-move like he appeared to have done against Brinkley. Then he got into a shouting match w/Manfredo's corner. That was wild.


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        My whole family watched this show. It was ausome. I wanted Ishe Smith to win, but "The Man They Call The Latin Snake" beat him, so that is who I ended up rooting for. I really hope that they come out with another Contender show.