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What Was The Best Concert You Have Seen?

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  • Front row Aerosmith, and front row at Keith Urban!

    Aerosmith was WAY better, though.

    Thank you Skywalker for the Marshall sig!

    Thank you Damien and Darrent for the memories. You will never be forgotten!


    • Texxas Jamm, 1985, Dallas Texas, Cotton Bowl, close to 100.000, friggin HOTTTT!!! 110 degrees, it rained and you could see STEAM coming of everyone!

      Started around 11 AM and did not end untill way past midnight that night.

      A bunch of Jerbronie bands like Victory and Grim Reaper opened it up, then a virtually unknown Bon Jovi came out, well the women lost their friggin MINDS!!! I have NEVER seen more bras fly over my head ever!!! AWESOME!

      Ted Nugent came on next, and boys let me tell you, he was PISSED about being placed so low on the bill in front of Night Ranger! He tore that place UP! He rocked so damn hard he passed out right at the end , and had to be carried off!

      Well, he ruined it for Night Ranger! They were good, but Texas was a Nugent crowd, and they bout got booed off the stage, shoes and all kinds of crap were flying at the drummer, they really regretted it !

      Scorpions were next, and them boys ROCKED back then!

      Deep Purple were the headliners, and they did not disappoint! It was their most famous lineup, and they played well over 2 hours, and had a great light show. Richie Blackmore is the KING of hard rock solo guitar, and it was ALL for 25$ THOSE DAYS ARE OVER FOREVER!!


      • November 9th, 2007, Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osborne at the metrapark arena in billings montana.

        un-****ing believable. A night I will NEVER forget. simply amazing.
        the space that is mine

        We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon: