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  • Jared
    I agree with the Zahn triology. A must read in the expanded universe books. Most likely what Lucas would approve for a new trilogy, if he ever would do such a thing.

    I can't remember the titles, but there is a trilogy where Luke attempts to set up a new Jedi Academy on Yavin-4, and discovers it was the very heart of an ancient Sith order. Lots of residual darkness. Given Luk's family history with the temptations of the dark side, it delves a lot into some his own demons regarding his feelings toward his father.

    Also, there is a young recruit who ultimately gives in to the dark side and attempts to blow up an entire star system. He has the potential to be more powerful than Palpatine or Vader. He never achieves that potential.

    That trilogy is set 5 or ten years after Zahn's, and I also suggest it as a good read. I would like THOSE to be made into movies. The Zahn ones make no sense now, because in the movie, you get the feeling the Empire was completely destroyed when Palpatine dies. Good books, but not sure the movie going public would buy it.

    But the story of Luke ultimately attempting (and succeeding) in starting a new Jedi order, and having to have one last face off with a Sith, and discovering where the heart of Sith knowledge lies kind of wraps up the whole shebang and sets everything almost back to the way it was before Palpatine became a Senator. A strong republic, a Jedi Academy, and this time around, no Sith libraries for curious Jedi to get tempted with. I like the way that the son of the man who destroyed the Jedi gest to bring them back. Some sort of ultimate redpemtion or circle.

    The actors from the original trilogy are all the right age to pull this one off, if they start filming soon.

    A pipe dream, I know.

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  • Dawgfan
    There are many Star Wars books. You can find them just about anywhere.

    My favorite of them all are the following:

    The Heir to the Empire series by Timothy Zahn
    The series consists of:
    Part One: Heir To The Empire
    Part Two: Dark Force Rising
    Part Three: The Last Command

    This series is about Grand Admiral Thrawn and his teaming with a mad Jedi Master and his invasion of the New Republic. Involved are the Classical Star Wars Characters: Luke, Leia, Han etc... takes place about 20 years after Return of the Jedi ( This series is a MUST READ )

    another book that was pretty good was:

    The Truce at Bakura by Kathy Tyers

    This book is immediately after Return of the Jedi. In this book an Imperial Planet (Bakura) is under seige by an unknown Alien Race. The Imperials believe the Emperor is still alive and the message was meant to him. However Luke and the Rebellion (now called the New Republic) lead a rescue mission to defeat thsi common enemy. The Imperials of Bakura sign a treaty with the New Republic and agree to join them.

    The Truce at Bakura was a fair book .. not too bad.

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  • Shaolin
    started a topic Star Wars books

    Star Wars books

    I've read on this board that there are some star wars books, i'havent saw it here, you who know , can u give me some imnfo please?