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    Originally posted by Sevenis7
    What's up w/the Al Michaels love fest? I can't stand the guy. He tries to be cerebral, but he's not. Dude, it's a game, not an analysis of economic fluctuations. Show some emotion!

    PS. How long are you going to live off of "Do you believe in miracles? YES!"?

    CBS's lead football crew is the best, followed by ESPN's.

    Al Michaels is currently the most respected American sports broadcaster living.

    He has the awards and the accolades of his peers to back it up.

    If you think he is bad now, asking him to deliver in a way counter to his personality would sound terrible.

    Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

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      Originally posted by Jared
      If you think he is bad now, asking him to deliver in a way counter to his personality would sound terrible.
      I'm not asking him to change. I'm just stating that IMO he's 1) boring, 2) got his "accolades and the respect of his peers" from one single event (ie, 1980 Winter Olympics), and 3) tries to make himself seem more intelligent by often bringing in current events into his commentaries.

      I think great play-by play announcers like Chick Hearn (LA Lakers) and Johnny Most (Celtics) are remembered for showing emotion in their broadcasts, something that Michaels lacks IMO. Try watching a soccer game in English and then switch to the same game shown on one of the Spanish channels. It's a world of difference! Why? Because the Spanish announcers really get into the game and show lots of emotion. I want a play-by-play man to act more like a fan and less like a newscaster.


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        Chris Berman
        Jim Nantz/Phil Simms
        Dave Logan


        Any FOX team
        ESPN Sunday Night Football Crew
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          I would really like to see Berman and Tom Jackson do a live on location version of NFL Primetime leading into them calling the ESPN Sunday night game.
          I'll duel you left-handed

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