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    The Ali G Show Season 1
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 2-3
    The Brak Show Season 1
    Chappelle's Show Season 1&2
    Cowboy Bebop Entire Series
    Family Guy Season 3
    Best of Will Ferrell SNL 2 Disk Set (Although I was disappointed that neither had the Neil Diamond Storytellers skit)
    In Living Color Season 1-2
    Rescue Me Season 1
    Samurai Jack Season 1-2
    Simpsons Seasons 1,2 & 5
    South Park Season 3
    Spiderman the Animated Series
    X-men entire series (the old one that used to air on Fox)
    Plus a couple of miscellaneous(sp) Beavis and Butthead disks

    Wow that is a lot of freakin cartoons
    I'll duel you left-handed

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