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  • 30 days - with morgan spurlock

    anyone watching this show (on fx)? the current episode is about living on minimum wage. i know we're supposed to be thinking about how hard it is . . . but so far i've been surprised at how easy they're getting along. they've got an apt, free furniture, free medical care (albeit not the best). . . the worst problem so far has been ants, and an arm injury that no one actually living off minimum wage would pay attention too, much less go to the hospital over again and again (heck, in high school a friend's dad put a nail all the way through his hand and didn't go to the doctor). i'm not saying its easy, but i expected it would be harder than that.
    so anyone watching this?
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    This is a pretty good show. It lets people inside of a world that they probably will never experience. Tonight's episode is about a straight man that goes and lives in one of San Francisco's gay districts. 10pm ET on FX.
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