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    Post all the movie cliches you can think of.

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    Any kind of music in a club, at a dance, etc, always has a backbeat but no words.

    Nightmares always end with a scream.


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      People get shot and they die right away. That usually doesn't happen. If it's not a head shot then it usually takes a minute till you bleed to death.

      Scenes where a man and woman yell at each other and the woman may even slap the man before they finally kiss each other.

      A good person will always die in the presence of friends.

      If a person good person dies with his eyes open, a friend will close them, and they will remain closed. If a villain dies with his eyes open, no one will close them, and the camera will linger on his face.


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        Women stand wide-eyed, hand to mouth, while hero battles villain. Women never thinks to clonk villain with handy object. Counterpoint: If woman does clonk, she always hits hero instead.


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          When a kid's dog runs away, it's usually been picked up by a mean bad guy. At the end of the movie, there will be a contest between the kid and the mean bad guy to see who gets to keep the dog. The dog is put in the middle of the two characters and they both have to call it at the same time. The one who the dog runs to gets to keep it. The dog will always start to go to the bad guy, but at the last second will go to the kid.


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            People always running away from the movies "monster" and tripping 2 or 3 times.


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              When people type on a computer, they hit random buttons and the computer does exaclty what that person needs it to do, with super graphics displays and programs that do whatever the hell you want it to. And the computers are always MACs.
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                when ppl get really sad, they stand with their backs to the wall and then slowly slide down to a sitting position, all the while keeping their backs flush to the wall. try this sometime, i assure you, having experimented myself, it is a very awkward thing to do.
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                  Good wins at least 99% of the time.
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