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    if you're a fan of studio ghibli you'll enjoy this one. if you aren't a fan of ghibli or of anime in general, this probably isn't the movie to start with.

    the story is rich and fantastic; reminiscent of the feeling evoked on the high quality rides at disney world (peter pan, pirates of the caribbean), although some may find it slow in the middle. the animation is standard ghibli - i'm always struck by the landscapes. then there's the "wtf factor" (no anime review is complete without noting the wtf lvl): the story is interesting but not confusing for most of the movie, keeping the wtf factor to 0. in the last 20 minutes though the wtf factor goes up to about a 7 out of 10. even afterwards my wife and i weren't able to parse out why exactly many of the events in the last 20 minutes happened.

    all in all its a good movie, especially for miyazaki fans. plus the chance to watch anime on the big screen doesn't come around to often. three stars.
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    They are not showing this movie anywhere around here!

    I defititely check it out if I can, and if I do, I'll leave a review.

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