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  • TV Land Movie of the Week Week!!

    TV Land is unrolling the best tv movies of the week in history from the 70's & 80's era that were staples on tv in that time. They will repeat all the movies from Sunday & Monday in an 24-hour marathon. Here are some of the movies:

    Brian's Song about the friendship between Bears' Brian Piccolo and Gayle Sayers.
    Bill about an middle-age mentally retarded man who learns about love and life after leaving an mental institution.
    Sybil about an young woman with nineteen mutiple personalities.
    Boy in the Plastic Bubble about an young man who is confined to an compound for fears of spreading and dying from sickness and disease.
    Helter Skelter-About Charles Manson & his gang who killed nine people in the late 1960's.
    An Early Frost-First tv film about AIDS and the affects of an gay man & his family.
    The Day After-About nuclear nukes dropped on and vaporizes a small town in Kansas and its people and the aftermaths of it.

    Go to and see what other movies they have.

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    Brian's Song is one of the greatest movies of all time
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      Helter Skelter is on right now as this is being typed.


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        Thanks for the info, we watch T.V. Land quite abit