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These are the most_____ lyrics I have ever seen...

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  • These are the most_____ lyrics I have ever seen...

    This is how this works... You pick a word like, random, insane, beautiful and you put it on the title of this thread...


    These are the most "beautiful" lyrics I have ever seen...

    Then you post the lyrics...

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    These are the most racist lyrics i have ever seen...

    In The Flesh- Pink Floyd

    So ya
    Thought ya
    Might like to
    Go to the show.
    To feel that warm thrill of confusion,
    That space cadet glow.
    I've got some bad news for you sunshine,
    Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel
    And they sent us along as a surrogate band
    We're gonna find out where you fans really stand!

    Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
    Get them up against the wall!
    There's one in the spotlight, he don't look right to me,
    Get him up against the wall!
    That one looks Jewish!
    And that one's a coon!
    Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
    There's one smoking a joint,
    And another with spots!
    If I had my way,
    I'd have all of you shot!


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      these are the most disgusting lyrics i have ever seen

      Mexican Seafood - Nirvana

      Oh, it's your face, it isn't even
      true the jaws and claims
      you entertain and chew the fungus mold
      is my intraction
      oh, it's only a, it is infection.
      Only her tonight, until I pay
      Only her tonight, I fell asleep

      Oh, coming from, the diarrhea
      Oh, her tired form
      I come in peace and live a dirty book
      on the cloudy class, fender burn, and become a childhood
      Only her tonight, until I plea
      Only her tonight, until I sing
      Oh, take me back, lets just concise some

      flies, bugs and fleas and even meal can't
      stain the vaseline
      It's headed burger's out
      in case it learns and takes it's childhood such
      Superintendent Chalmers: "Thank the Lord"? That sounded like a prayer. A prayer in a public school. God has no place within these walls, just like facts don't have a place within an organized religion."