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Starships Troopers (Superior B movie classic!)

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    I always liked the first Starship Troopers. I loved how they made it look like a big advertisement. With the little commercials running throughout the movie.

    "They'll fight! And they'll WIN!!"

    The second one was terrible. I loaned it to my neighbor, and dont really care if he returns it, lol.

    I watched the first one again the other night on one of the Sat. channels. They hacked it to bits!!! They cut out so many lines and scenes I was wondering if it was the same movie almost!

    Anyways, good flick!


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      this movie was good, the violence was dope, the aliens, wouldnt call it a classic but its a nice movie to watch if u like action, but the sequel , if i had a nickel for all the tears i shed when i watched that, id have a lotta nickels


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        Doogie Howser, Military Intelligence...


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          With a catch phrase like "Death from Above" how could it go wrong. Haven't seen the 2nd one, and am not to interested.
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            Would've preferred it with the actual mechs and stuff from the book; besides that it was an okay movie. It was really crappy as an actual movie, but the special effects were PHENOMENAL back then and they still are solid today.

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