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  • Favorite Film Sayings

    not sure if its been up before but what the hay,what are some of your favorite film sayings

    mine is from the waterbo when the two hics are saying 'hes the best tackler ive seen since joe montana' 'joe montana was a quaterback you idiot' 'i said joe montaigna'

    Got ipod- 2004

    Oh! this one time i saw a blimp!

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    "Andy Dufrane swam thru 300 yards of "crap" and came out a clean man."

    The earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens

    "Everyone takes turns making mistakes in poker. The trick is to skip your turn."
    Mike Caro

    "The all-in play works every time but once"

    You can observe a lot just by watching.
    Yogi Berra

    every year.


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      i like this one from "ride with the devil" (a very underrated movie) - "it ain't right and it ain't wrong; it just is."
      go broncos
      share the sidewalk
      liberty > safety . . . ron paul '12!


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        Well I have a quote from a film, It only was said once to my knowlege....

        "Nobody has the be a hero, it just sometimes ends up that way..."


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          I have a few:

          Here are my favorites from 'Blue Velvet'

          Frank Booth: You wanta go for a ride?
          Jeffrey Beaumont: No thanks.
          Frank Booth: No thanks. What does that mean?
          Jeffrey Beaumont: I don't want to go.
          Frank Booth: Go where?
          Jeffrey Beaumont: On a ride.
          Frank Booth: A ride? Hell, that's a good idea. Okay, let's go. Hey, let's go.

          Frank Booth: In dreams... I walk with you. In dreams... I talk to you. In dreams, you're mine... all the time. Forever.
          Frank Booth: What kind of beer you drink, neighbor?
          Jeffrey Beaumont: Heineken
          Frank Booth: Heineken? **** that ****! Pabst Blue Ribbon!

          Then from 'The Professional'

          Stansfield: I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven. Can you hear it? It's like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the growin' and you can hear the insects. Do you like Beethoven?
          Stansfield: You don't like Beethoven. You don't know what you're missing. Overtures like that get my... juices flowing. So powerful. But after his openings, to be honest, he does tend to get a little ****ing boring. That's why I stopped!
          [laughs and sighs]
          Stansfield: Toss the apartment.
          Stansfield: [catching Mathilda in the bathroom with food bags] Ahh. Food. Let me guess... Is it Chineese? Tai, maybe? Ahh, I've got it. Italian food
          [pops a pill and pulls out a gun]
          Stansfield: Now, I want you to tell me everything you know about Italian food, including the name of the chef who prepared it.
          Mathilda: Nobody sent me. I work for myself.
          Stansfield: Ahh... so this is... personal?... What filthy peice of... ****... did I do now?
          Mathilda: You killed my brother.
          Stansfield: Death is... whimsical... today.
          Léon: Stansfield?
          Stansfield: At your service.
          Léon: [handing him something] This is from... Mathilda.
          Stansfield: [sees that it's a pin for a grenade] ****.
          The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

          The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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            From the Usual Suspects:

            The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was making the world believe he didn't exist.
            The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!