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Top Cars in TV History?

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    Originally posted by Perry1977
    Since you included the '77 Trans Am in your list, I am assuming you are including movies too. If this is the case, your list has one glaring omission.

    The greatest car chase scene of all time!

    I love that "Grabber Green" Mustang
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      If you're considering cool TV cars then you have to include the Sunbeam Tiger from Get Smart. This little Brit roadster had a V8 crammed in it stock from the factory. Great, fast little cars - Andy Rooney (the cranky old guy at the end of 60 minutes) has one in british racing green.

      and from the big screen, any of 007's Aston Martins are pretty cool. Not that goofy submarining Lotus that Roger Moore drove though, I mean come on...


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        Originally posted by BroncoFanCam
        The General Lee, head and shoulders above the rest.

        PS I love your sig-pic Sam
        Thank you, BTW I am accepting contribution points at this time!