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  • 2pac

    ok, criticize if yiu want but i am a believer that 2pac is alive. every1 plz read this article and tell me wut you think

    ps- no i dont believe what they say in the article about 2pac being jesus lol (youll see once you read it)

    thanx Broncosrule05^^

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    I used to think that he was alive, but now i believe he's dead. I had a small bit of hope for the 7 year theory, but that came and went, and nothing happened.

    He was very insightful in his own demise. He knew that being young, rich, and black that his time-span on this planet was short. He was a work-aholic and only slept for a couple hours a day (that's why he had almost 200 unreleased songs).

    A lot of the references about getting shot and coming back ressurected was because of the '94 shooting in Quad Studios. That's why he rapped about death a lot because he almost died then.

    I also think that Afeni, 2Pac's mom, and Suge Knight have capitalized the most on his death by trying to make people believe that maybe he's still alive (see "I wonder if heaven got a ghetto" video and the last track of "Better Days".)

    His legacy will live forever through his music and poetry.
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      Come on now. He's dead.But I think Suge Knight killed him though.

      I hate thinking that 2Pac is dead though. I really wish that 2Pac, B.I.G, and Eazy-E were still alive.