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Identity Crisis from DC comics

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  • Identity Crisis from DC comics

    Ok, for those Comic Book fans out there.

    Anybody read Identity Crisis 1 and if so your thoughts on it and everything leading up to it.
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    What about the infinite crisis? Have you read any of it yet? The continuity is a little confusing but I absolutely love it. Bats had a bad ass line to Superman.

    "Let's face it 'Superman'... The last time you really inspired anyone was when you were dead."

    I love it. And I can't wait for #4, there's suppose to be a HUGE confrontation between Bruce and ****. And since Nightwing is my favorite chara (laugh all you want ) I can't wait for him to get a bigger role
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      I haven't read either but my comicbook friends keep telling me to.

      I'll probably will eventually.

      I'm way behind on reading my titles as it is.