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    Originally posted by Jaws
    I don't know if this is of any help but I came across this in the Q & A section of this Computer Mag I bought recently:

    Q. Is there any easy way to convert WMA files so I can listen on my iPod?

    A. If the files have been paid for and downloaded from a digital music store they will be protected and so cannot be converted. However there are several applications that can do this. One of the best is DBPowerAmp. Details of how to use this van be found at

    There's also some info about this at the magazine website:

    The easiest way to convert it is much easier than that though.

    -First, save the song on limewire in some folder you will remember.
    -Second, if you have iTunes click file/add files to library. If you don't have iTunes, download iTunes.
    -After clicking Adding file to library, find the folder you saved your song in, then select the song.
    -iTunes will automaticlly convert the song after adding it, and you will know it is doing that when it says converting file.
    -All other songs already in MP3 format that you move to iTunes will not need to be converted and will automaticlly appear in your iTunes library.

    Hope this helps...