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The most overplayed songs of ALL TIME?

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    I hate when songs get heavily rotated so you hear them 3 to 4 times in a regular work day, 5 days a week for weeks on end. It goes from being new, to growing on you, to be familiar, to being downright annoying.

    One station that I sometimes listen to has to play Kelly Clarkson almost evey hour... but that got them off the Gwen Stefani kick.
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      Pop stations are the worst. They call it top 40 I guess but you hear the top 10 over and over again with the other 30 mixed. Country music does it too but not nearly at the level pop stations do it.

      I can't stand our local pop station. It floors me when lunch hour they say "all music by request". Well, they play the same dam songs as an other hour. Why would people call up and request a song they just heard?
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