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people in bands who shouldn't have died

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  • people in bands who shouldn't have died

    Which people in bands shouldnt have died?

    My vote hands down goes to Bon Scott of ACDC He was way better then this brian Johnson guy.

    second place goes to Kurt Cobain of nirvana. 1 of the greatest bands of all time. (IMO ACDC is #1)

    and IMO third goes to Freddy Mercury of Queen. yes i know he was gay and he did die of aids but Queen has so many hits its unbelievable. IMO Bohemian Rhapsody is like the song of the millenium.

    Who else do you guys wish would have never of died
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    We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon:

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    Freddy mercury for sure- So the guy was gay, who cares? I havent heard anyone who could sing like he did. ANYONE.

    Randy Rhoades- a godlike guitarist, a pointless death.

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      Kevin Glibert and Jeff Buckley,


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        John Lennon..


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          Stevie Ray Vaughan, The baddest blues guitar of modern times


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            Jim Morrison from the doors

            Jimi Hendrix - man was a genius with the guitar.

            From a personal standpoint as opposed to artistic one above.

            Steve Clark- from Def Leppard: pointless death, loved his style of play. Drunk himself to death.
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              Randy Rhoades(plane crash), Dimebag(murdered), Marc Bolan(car accident), Randy Castillo(cancer)
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                I just thought of how dangerous the rock 'n roll business is.
                the space that is mine

                We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon:


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                  Cliff Burton. Bass guitar Metallica. Tour bus crash.

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                    John Lennon obviously



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                      Layne Staley - Alice In Chains
                      Brad Nowell - Sublime
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                        John Bonham - Led Zeppelin.
                        Rolling Stones... oh, wait, nobody has told them yet .
                        Michael Hutchence - INXS.

                        Wasn't a fan, but the singer of Morphine (I don't remember his name) had a heart attack on stage, in the middle of a concert. Well, I guess that if you're a musician, that's the place where you would want to die, not sure about the time.


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                          brian jones - literally started the rolling stones who were born in dartford which is 15 mins away from me!!!

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                            John Bonham...if he just could've have laid down on his back instead of his stomach, he would not have suffocated by inhaling his own vomit.

                            Anyone who died in a plane/helicopter crash (i.e. Ronnie Van Zant, Otis Redding, Randy Rhodes, Stevie Ray Vaughan) should not have died. Especially Van Zant: who knows what kind of things Skynyrd could have achieved if he had not boarded that plane.
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                              Two lesser known examples:

                              Jimmi Lawrence - Guitarist for British epic rock band Hope of the States. I love what HoTS do, they are a truly amazing band. Jimmi committed suicide just after they finished their first album "The Lost Riots" for unknown reasons. It's incredibly tragic, but I have to say that Sam Herlihy and the boys have done so well to come out of it to become one of the best and most underrated British rock bands around at the moment.

                              Jon Lee - drummer for the British band Feeder. He too committed suicide. Again, props to the band for carrying on so well.

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