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Phish reunites.... Almost

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  • Phish reunites.... Almost

    I went to go see Trey Anastasio's (ex lead singer from Phish) solo concert last night and about an hour and a half into the show, Trey's band leaves and Mike Gordon (ex bassist from Phish) goes out on stage and they played about 6 acoustic... Then Trey's band came back out on stage and John Fishman (ex drummer from Phish) came out and joined them... They played a 25 minute version of Boogie on Reggae Women by Stevie Wonder (I believe)... The only one that was missing was Page (ex- piano/keys player)

    It was one of the very few occasions (maybe like 4 other times) they had played together since they broke up over a year ago... It was crazy... The weirdest part of it was the fact that it was in Utica NY (my hometown) which there was only about 2,000 people there (about half of the stadium was full)

    This probably means nothing to you, unless your a Phish fan, but it was probably the best time I have had in months...
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    Sounds cool, glad you had a great time, bet it was quite a surprise.


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      Thats awesome, I am going to see Trey here on the 29th, I hope the same things happen, You like other bands from that Genre?


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        I don't know who the Phish is

        But I read your post as I do read most peoples. I saw that you really enjoyed yourself. It is good to do something and you really enjoy it. I'll have to check the Phish out.
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