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  • Video of the year

    Just wanted to ask what you think is the Best Video of 2005.I would sa A** Like by Eminem.I like because of the little pupet dog he's funny.

    The latino Heat will Always Burn

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    Wake Me Up When September Ends~GreenDay


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      who has time to watch videos? I'm too busy posting.
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        It's not nominated probly but

        forget to remeber- Mudvayne also on the saw 2 soundtrack

        Mudvayne kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!

        There finally taking this type of music mainstream and getting rid of all those fa.ggy MTV bands like Fall out boy and Green Day and Simple Plan and good charlotte(all of whom i hope die and there souls rot wherever all those E.T. for the atari 2600 were buried) Really the only 2 " MTV" bands that i like are blink 182 and sum 41. But all the ones i listed before that do not know how to play worth crap. P.S. I hate slipknot to slipknot is my most hated band of all time. Also no offense to anybody else who likes those bands those are just my opinions on those bands.
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        We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon:


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          FOB is pretty good and same goes for Green Day. But Good Charlotte is a different story.

          Mudvayne rocks!

          If it was a vote for actual video without the song it'd be 'A Million Ways' by OK GO.


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            Photograph By Nickelback
            Thanks Blondie for the Sig