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  • Originally posted by keithbishop View Post
    Sharky's Machine (1981 Burt Reynolds) 7.5/10

    Reynolds also directed. Enjoyable cop thriller, probably Reynolds best movie.
    Nice ensemble cast including Bernie Casey, Brian Keith, and Charles Durning.
    By no means a classic, but it holds up very well 26 years after it was released and is a fun popcorn flick.
    Will have to look for that one...
    Better than Deliverance??
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    • Surfs up 8/10..

      It was pretty cute


      • Originally posted by broncophan View Post
        Will have to look for that one...
        Better than Deliverance??
        Yes, it is better than Deliverance, especially in terms of Reynolds performance. Completely different type of movie, though.
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        R.I.P. Darrent Williams 1982-2007


        • The Cradle Will Rock...solid movie. Pretty good acting, pretty good themes, pretty good all around. Story is a little jumpy, though.

          Rest in Peace, Darrent and Damien. You will be forever in our thoughts


          • Kicking and screaming 6/10

            it had some funny parts..


            • Rescue Dawn.

              Only rented it because I love Christian Bale but I rate it:


              True Female Broncos Fan. Yes, We Exist!


              • Stephen King's The Mist (2007) 9/10 -

                I am a huge fan of Steven King and he nails the transformation from Book to movie yet again. I read The Mist when I was very very little and was a pretty terrifying storie then. This is a overall wonderful horror movie that will have you thinking about the movie well after you see it. While there are monsters in the mist, the film really demonstrates that the heart of man can be much more horrific than any monsters outside.

                There were some modification made to the ending of the story, but I think Darabont gave it a fair treatment. The ending of the novel was is pretty disturbing and will have you thinking about what happened... While the ending of the movie is going to make ALOT of people probably hate the movie, from how it made them feel. It is heart breaking.

                Marcia Gay Harden had her best performance. Acting overall was very good. I had a many expectations of this film. I was not dissapointed.

                I think anyone that is going to rate this movie bad is either not going to be a huge fan of horror movies or disliked the ending. We all know Stephen King has a tough time ending his books... Darabont did the right thing and doing the ending this way. It is dark, very dark, but I really thought it was brilliant.

                A great movie because it haunts you long after youve seen it. If the visuals would have been "excellent" this movie could have been easilly ALOT higher


                • The Man Who Came to Dinner (1941) bw

                  Funny story about a pompous writer who injures himself on the steps of some very nice people who are excited about having him to dinner...and he waaaay overstays his welcome. Billie Burke's voice (she was the good witch Glenda in the "Wizard of Oz") is rather annoying. I must research why people spoke that particular way in early movies. ????

                  Very funny. Lost my interest in a few places, but that is the problem with modern minds used to action movies.

                  I give it a high 7/10. Bette Davis is great.


                  • Unforgiven: 8.8 or 9/10


                    Okay Keith. Now I only have Once Upon A Time in the West left. Actually wait, I haven't watched For A Few Dollars More yet.

                    Anyway, let's start with the cast. Really all you need is Morgan Freeman to spice a flick up. And Gene Hackman I think is perfect at playing authority figures who are going down the wrong path. Is it just me or did they make him play the same a-hole in The Quick and the Dead?

                    I don't know if Eastwood meant this, but every time they mentioned: "the old days" I just kept thinking back to Ugly, and that trilogy....and all the westerns he's been in and all the bad guys he's killed. It was almost like they were memorialized in Unforgiven. Except here, he's a "retired" bad guy...interesting twist for Eastwood's typecast.

                    Then the small cameo by Richard Harris. I really disliked his character. But that's why I liked him. I loved/hated how he kept bashing Lincoln and the presidency, but that's what an English bloke would do huh? hahaha. And it's almost like he really was the father of Commodus, who was a crooked tyrant 8years later.

                    The cinematography didn't strike me as much as Leone's director of photography did. While still great in places, I found I enjoy others a bit more. I think it worked wonders for this film it is a dark story and very real, contrary to western form.

                    Of course, I suppose that was the idea eh? This one was a lot more moral-heavy. And the fact that the "good guys" were former bad guys and the bad guy was a was all very interesting. And whether or not the recipients of punishment deserved that harsh of one remains to be seen as well.

                    When you get down to far as the story goes, I'd say it is much heavier and "meatier" than others...and makes you think more about life and choosing who deserves what and why.

                    I still have a hard time liking it more than Tombstone. I don't know why. I just loved Kilmer's performance that much...

                    But definitely, it is a must see if you are going to attempt to know anything about the western film genre. I'd say it is indeed one of the pinnacle films that defines the genre.



                    • We watched Shooter last night.

                      I thought it was pretty good. When they let the viewer know that all of a sudden it was a huge conspiracy, you weren't quite sure who to trust or believe.

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                      • The Dark Knight: Prologue: 10/10

                        So, my buddy took me to see I Am Legend at IMAX last night so I could see the 7 minute prologue of The Dark Knight. Well, it was sold out, but as a current and former manager, we just peaked in on the trailer package and watched the prologue.

                        It.........was amazing. Heath Ledger will make this entire generation forget Jack Nicholson even played The Joker. Especially since Burton's version was wrong from the beginning.

                        Ledger is brilliant. His performance is humorous but at the same time you find yourself thinking: "I can't believe this maniac is going to do---oh...yup he did that.....holy crap."

                        The prologue alone gives us a fat hint at the genius mind of The Joker and his exploits.

                        The regular trailer on the 35 prints is pretty bad a. as well. The Joker actually talks a lot more in that, and is shone more. It's great to finally see this villainous icon portrayed the right way.



                        • Anyone see I Am Legend yet?


                          • I Am Legend 7.5/10

                            After the movie it seemed to be too short and some parts were sad but the others were just meh.


                            • I saw " No Country for Old Men"... (don't know where the title comes from really)...

                              But I found the movie to be pretty disappointing considering how many high ratings it got in the papers. There is no conclusion to the movie, other than the movie is ended. It just kind of... stops.

                              I would give it a 7/10. a... 3.5 star?? something like that


                              • Well I just checked out I am Legend. I give it a 7, 8 tops. I expected a bit more, I didnt like the ending. I couldnt imagine living all alone like that, I would go crazy!!
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