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    Anyone else Highlander fans out there? I grew up on the series, so I'm a big fan. I own the entire series on DVD and all the movies. Duncan MacLeod and Methos are by far my favorite characters. But anyways, anyone going to see the new movie The Source? I know this movie is going to deliver, Adrian Paul said he wouldn't do another movie unless he thought the script was much better than Endgame. I can't wait for it, and the new anime Highlander: Vengeance looks good
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    I loved the original movie. The series was pretty good too!

    My best friend went to a Highlander conference in Australia last year and bought Duncan's Katana in an auction.
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      I loved, and still do, the original movie, but I've got to admit neither the sequels or the series really did a great deal for me, although I'll still watch them if there isn't anything else on..............

      I think, more than anything though, what attracted me to the film in the first place was Queen's fantastic soundtrack
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        To me Highlander is like the Crow series. First one was great, everything else just hasn't lived up to it since.

        Hopefully they can take it a step in the right direction, they tried in Endgame and failed miserably.
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          I was way more partial to christopher lambert than adrian paul and was pissed when he sacrificed himself
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