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'Jaws' Author Peter Benchley Dies at 65

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  • 'Jaws' Author Peter Benchley Dies at 65

    NEW YORK - Peter Benchley, whose novel "Jaws" terrorized millions of swimmers even as the author himself became an advocate for the conservation of sharks, has died at age 65, his widow said Sunday.

    Wendy Benchley, married to the author for 41 years, said he died Saturday night at their home in Princeton, N.J. The cause of death, she said, was idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive and a fatal scarring of the lungs.

    Thanks to Benchley's 1974 novel, and Steven Spielberg's blockbuster movie of the same name, the simple act of ocean swimming became synonymous with fatal horror, of still water followed by ominous, pumping music, then teeth and blood and panic.

    "Spielberg certainly made the most superb movie; Peter was very pleased," Wendy Benchley told The Associated Press.

    "But Peter kept telling people the book was fiction, it was a novel, and that he no more took responsibility for the fear of sharks than Mario Puzo took responsibility for the Mafia."

    Besides his wife, Peter Benchley is survived by three children and five grandchildren. A small family service will take place next week in Princeton, Wendy Benchley said
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      Very sad. One of my favorite authors.

      Jaws is still one of my favorite books and movies. I even enjoyed White Shark, which was made into a kinda lame tv movie. And if I remember right, The Beast was his too. Always enjoyed reading his stuff.

      RIP Peter............


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        Whoa. I must admit, the book is far more freaky than the movies.

        RIP Peter Benchley.

        *Would our Welsh friend be as scary without this mans influence? *
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          That's too bad to hear. Peter Benchley was an awesome author. His works will last long after his death. Jaws still is a major hit and scares children to this day. "Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water"
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            Yes, he did the Beast too. Must have had an affination for tale of creatures and the deep.

            His story definately made a mark on many people.

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              He made some great contributions. R.I.P.


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                RIP...He was just an incredible author. Scared the living hell out of me when I was little.
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