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    Originally posted by Jared
    It is a list that would take 30 minutes or so to download via FTP from my server.

    Suffice it to say, there is so much crap on TV, I am surprised that plants aren't growing out of thetop of my set.
    Well, I'm glad to know it's not just over here that it's poor.

    Other than football when it's on and the odd movie, I'd say that I probably watch less than two hours a week on average....................

    Too many depressing soaps, and way to many 'reality' shows

    Thankfully, I've got a reasonable DVD & Video collection
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      I think laguna beach is the worst damn show ever! I cant belive MTV said" hey lets make a show about snobby ass rich teenagers!"


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        Raiders vs. Cheifs. LOL!

        Seriously though, I got hung up on watching Paradise Hotel. I have no idea what possessed me to keep tuning in but once it was all over tonight (repeated from last summer I believe on Reality TV) I was like....

        And I can't stand reality shows for the most part.
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