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    Originally posted by JADJARHD
    There is a guitarist who Jimmy Hendrix once called the best he had ever heard.

    This guy is not on any of your lists, nor the Guitar gods on the original post. He is quite well known.

    I am wondering if any of you can guess.

    Hint: He toured with Hendrix.
    --- Noel Redding ?

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      Is it Billy Gibbons?
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        david gilmour~pink floyd

        one of the best intrical and detailed guitar players ever
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          We have a winner.

          Originally posted by JayhawkBronco
          Is it Billy Gibbons?
          ZZ Top started out opening for Hendrix. At one point Hendrix did describe Gibbons as the best he had ever heard.

          Saw it on VH1.
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            He is the best guitarist I have ever heard [B][SIZE=2]live. I used to live with this guy (many many years ago) and he is playing at the University of Wyoming on April 19. The name of the band is Clever By Half. Any and all people in the Laramie should come check these guys out. His influences include Hendrix, Robert Johnson (I think that is his name, it is the man that was presumed to have sold to the devil) and of course Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. Once again, anyone in the area come check these fools out.
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              Originally posted by Jaws
              On my homepage today there's an item on guitar gods where they have pics of some of the greatest.

              Who would you consider to be the greatest guitarist of all time?

              Jaws........... surely you are aware that the best 3 guitarists came from England.....

              Tony Iommi.............Glenn Tipton...............and KK Downing.
              I don't believe it is necessary to list the bands they were/are in .
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                dimebag darryl was freakin crazy when it came to the geetar.
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                We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon:


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                  -steve vai

                  -joe satriani

                  -jimi hendrix

                  -jimmy page

                  -yngwie malmsteen


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                    Les Paul

                    Peter Green (Damn you, German Hippies! You wrecked the poor dude).

                    The late Robert Quine (VoiVods, later with Matthew Sweet.....insane. It sounds like garbledy gook at first, but then you hear fractured runs that are jazz like, and almost roughly beautiful. He played like he was trying to tame a dragon).

                    Richard Lloyd (Television. One of the most groundbreaking guitar bands ever.)


                    Tom Morello is one of the most creative players around today. He doesn't just play, he uses feedback and distortion as melodic tools. Very cool.

                    Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                    The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
                    You should check these guys out


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                      Got to be Hendrix