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    Originally posted by Superchop7
    "When the day goes to sleep and the full moon looks"

    Guess the band

    Guess the song title

    CP to the person that gets it first
    For Superchop :

    Where in the hell have you been ????
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      1986 brought us Turbo . My bitterness towards this release has softened somewhat over the years, but it remains their worst album. Following an amazing album, Defenders of the Faith , with an MTV friendly album still puzzles me. The album is overloaded with keyboards and only 2 songs are worth listening to. The opening track is OK. The closing track is quite good. In between, however, lies the reason I VERY nearly turned my back on JP .

      G- KK Downing

      G- Glenn Tipton

      V- Rob Halford

      B- Ian Hill

      D- Dave Holland

      Turbo Lover -- The keyboards were over-done, but at least this is recognizable as a Judas Priest song. I grew to hate this song shortly after it was released. It wasn't that it's a terrible song, but I despised the overwhelming popularity. It was painfully obvious that the new "fans" cared nothing about JP's other albums and would be quick to turn their back on the band. after taking a 15-year or so break from the song, it actually sounds pretty good. It fit in well on their last 2 live DVD's.

      Locked In

      Private Property

      Parental Guidance

      Rock You All Around The World

      Ummm ...... crap, crap, crap and crap :brick: .

      Locked In features cool solos.... and that's about it.

      Private Property ...... Did AUTOGRAPH write this song?? Pathetic.

      Parental Guidance .... this blows. Perhaps the worst song on the album.

      Rock You ...... Decent opening riff. I don't mind the 1st 10 seconds of the song .

      Out In the Cold -- Much better than the previous 4 songs. If memory serves me, the live version of this one is a little better. Perhaps I'll have more to say when I review their next album.

      Wild Nights, Hot and Crazy Days -- OK, this one might be worse than Parental Guidance . Terrible.

      Hot for Love -- NEXT.........

      Reckless -- What's this ?? Emotion on an album devoid of a pulse for the most part?? Yes.... this is more like it. Halford sounds good. Glenn Tipton's solo is the most memorable part of the album. This may have fit in on one of their other albums. No keyboards, thankfully.
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        1986 brought a nice followup to the disastrous Turbo in Priest...Live . The songs were pulled from the Dallas and Atlanta shows from the Fuel for Life tour. The Dallas show is available on DVD (and, yes, I forgive them for their hair styles on the tour, though KK Downing's was atrocious, LOL.). I highly recommend the remastered version of the CD. The 3 bonus tracks are great. While this can't possibly compare to their first live album (and best overall album) Unleashed in the East , it's a must-have for Priest fans. I should add that I'd rank this 4th among Priest's live albums. Every song on Priest...Live was written in between 1979 and 1986, while the other 3 ( 1979's Unleashed in the East , and 2 with Tim "Ripper" Owens on vocals, 98' Live Meltdown and 2002's Live In London include songs dating back to 1976) .

        G: Glenn Tipton
        G: KK Downing
        V: Rob Halford
        B: Ian Hill
        D: Dave Holland

        Out In the Cold --Perhaps it's just my imagination, but this sounds better than the studio version. It isn't anywhere near my favorites list, but is at least tolerable live.

        Heading Out to the Highway -- MUCH better!! This is a timeless classic and was one of the first songs I learned to play years and years and years ago.

        Metal Gods -- This would have been a better choice to open the concert with, as they did on the 2002 DVD with Owens . Another great song..... and current Drummer Scott Travis' favorite song to play. He says it obviously isn't the fastest or most challenging of their songs to play, but is a great METAL song he can just bash away to.

        Breaking the Law -- It would definitely be a crime not to include this one. This will always be a fan favorite.

        Love Bites -- Hopefully this song will be on a future DVD. It was on the 1986 DVD, but 20 years is an awfully long time to go without a live recording of this one. I'd love to see Scott Travis play it.

        Some Heads Are Gonna Roll -- The 2nd of 3 consecutive songs from "Defenders of the Faith and one of their most under-rated songs. Flawlessly executed, as one could expect from the mighty Priest .

        The Sentinel -- My favorite Priest song. The 2002 DVD includes this in the soundcheck videos.

        Private Property -- Damn. One of 5 tracks from Turbo on this release, I can't believe it was picked over Reckless, much less chosen to follow The Sentinel .

        Rock You All around the World -- Another song from Turbo . The live version sounds better than the studio version.

        Electric Eye -- Still sends chills down my spine. Every bit as good as the 1982 live version on DVD from Memphis.

        Turbo Lover -- Sounds good, though I like the versions from the 2002 and 2006 DVD's a little better.

        Freewheel Burning -- Perfect. Halford rode his cycle onstage to this song. Perhaps the best performance on the CD. Damn, they sound tight on this (not that they don't on the other tracks, but this is an impressive performance). Makes me proud to be a METALhead.

        Parental Guidance -- From Turbo. Hopefully they never play this song again.

        Living After Midnight -- I don't care for this song, but it's certainly a fan favorite. I'm not a fan of "Rock" songs.

        You've Got Another Thing Comin' -- Another fan favorite. Cool song. Nice way to end a concert.

        ************************************************** *********************************************
        Bonus Tracks :

        Screaming For Vengeance -- From the "Screaming...." tour. Very intense and heavy as hell!! I love the way Tipton and Downing match the studio version solos note-for-note. I've seen comments from Tipton concerning the fact he believes doing so is what Judas Priest fans expect and deserve. Thank you, Glenn !!

        Rock Hard, Ride Free -- All 3 of the bonus tracks were from the same show. Because Halford says Screaming for Vengeance "is a song from the new album", it's pretty cool that they played this song live before it was officially released on the Defenders of the Faith album.

        Hell Bent For Leather -- Kick ass. A fitting ending to a strong album. Hell Bent... is a song that helped put Judas Priest in the pantheon of METAL GODS . All Hail Judas Priest !!!
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          1988 brought us Ram It Down, an album I've been far too hard on over the years. I used to lump this in with Turbo, but that isn't a fair comparison. There is one HUGE problem with this release, the painfully obvious fact that electronic drums were used . I can't believe that this album was released before Dave Holland was replaced. Thanks to SuperChop (where in the hell have you been??), this album is growing on me with repeated listens.

          G- Glenn Tipton
          G- KK Downing
          V - Rob Halford
          B - Ian Hill
          D - Dave Holland

          Ram It Down -- Excellent opening track. Plenty fast and heavy..... cool riffs. This song belongs to Glenn and KK........ the solo section lasts 1 min. 26 seconds. I've said this before, but it bears repeating : this is by far the best dual lead team in the history of METAL .
          Lead break : 1. KK 2. Glenn 3. KK 4. Glenn 5. KK 6. Glenn 7. Both.

          Heavy Metal -- Killer intro solo by Glenn . The electronic drums threaten to ruin the song, but it's not bad overall.

          Love Zone -- Reminds me of a song or 2 from Point of Entry . Nothing special.

          Come and Get It -- Once again, nothing special, but has a good guitar sound and Halford sounds great. Glenn's half of the solo section is cool.

          Hard as Iron -- This one kicks ass. They need to play this live on their next tour.
          Solo section :
          1. KK
          2. Both
          3. Glenn
          4. Both

          Blood Red Skies -- Not likely a popular pick, but I've always liked it. I would have preferred the acoustic guitar at the beginning to last longer. Halford is brilliant ..... especially his glass- shattering notes starting at the 6:27 mark..... so powerful..... wow.

          I'm a Rocker -- Pretty cool. Sounds good on the Rising in the East DVD.

          Johnny B. Goode -- Ugh. Ummm..... gimme the Chuck Berry version. Crappy song for a crappy movie.

          Love You to Death -- Next.....

          Monsters of Rock -- Slower track, but pretty enjoyable. Somewhat reminiscent of songs like When the Night Comes Down .
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            1990's PAINKILLER re-established Judas Priest as one of the top METAL bands. I'd rank PAINKILLER their 4th best studio album, after Defenders of the Faith, Sad Wings of Destiny and Screaming for Vengeance. Pound for pound, it ranks alongside Defenders of the Faith as Priest's heaviest album. There are no weak songs to be found on PAINKILLER ..... not even close. This is a flawless album.

            Lineup :
            G-- Glenn Tipton
            G-- KK Downing
            V-- Rob Halford
            D-- Scott Travis
            B-- Ian Hill

            Painkiller -- The opening track belongs to Scott Travis. Excellent drum intro and outro. Travis is easily the best JP drummer. Painkiller treads into Speed Metal territory with crushing riffs and plenty of double bass. Glenn Tipton's solo in the middle of the song logs in at 1:27..... and is one of the best of his career. Amazing song and a staple of their live sets. KK does the lead at the end of the song.

            Hell Patrol -- Great METAL song. Mid-tempo, but plenty heavy with great riffs. It's a shame Halford left after such a great album, but all is well after their 2004 reunion.
            1st half of lead break : KK 2nd half : Glenn.

            All Guns Blazing -- Halford does the intro.... I'd kill for a voice like his. Glenn's solo checks in at 1:14 and his advancement from Rocka Rolla to PAINKILLER is hard to believe.

            --STUNNING : Keep in mind that PAINKILLER was released 16 years ago. When it was released, Rob Halford and KK Downing were 39 years old and Glenn Tipton was 42. That means that Glenn Tipton is the same age as ..... GULP ..... my mom. It's beyond me how KK and Rob can play such heavy stuff at age 55 (Ian Hill is the same age) and Glenn at age 58. Hell, the youngun of the band, Scott Travis, is 45. --back on topic.....

            Leather Rebel --
            Brilliant song. Some of the best riffs on the album.
            Lead break: Both
            Fills at the end of lead break: KK

            Metal Meltdown -- This one belongs to KK and Glenn. Breathtaking lead intros take us to the 2nd heaviest song on the album (after the opening track). Another fast track (never enough of those).

            Intro leads : 1- Glenn 2- KK
            Lead break: KK/Glenn/KK/Glenn

            Night Crawler -- Classic. Halford's spoken part at the 3:30 mark is the highlight of the song.

            Lead Break : Both

            Between the Hammer & the Anvil -- Another cool mid-paced song.

            Lead break : KK/Glenn

            A Touch of Evil -- There are keyboards on this one, but they don't weaken the track. This is plenty heavy, catchy chorus and all. Excellent melodic solo by Glenn. Interestingly, there is an acoustic guitar matching the electric guitar riff leading into the solo. It gives the part a bit more depth.

            Leads : Glenn

            Battle Hymn -- An all too rare Priest instrumental (the only other one I can think of is Prelude from Sad Wings of Destiny). Very majestic.... perfect intro for the final track.

            One Shot at Glory -- OK.... the guitar sound combined with Glenn's opening lead makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Do I have to go into another rant concerning the reasons Judas Priest is the greatest of all METAL bands ?? LOL. The main lead break is 2:05 long. I'll save my rant concerning most new "Metal" bands (there aren't many new ones I consider METAL) inability to play solos.... I'm just glad Priest is still around to lead the way. Opening the album with a skull crushing song.... and ending the album with a traditional METAL masterpiece helps Painkiller cover all the best characteristics of Judas Priest.

            Entry Lead : Glenn
            Entry Lead verse 2 : KK
            Lead break : KK/Glenn/Both
            Outro: Glenn
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              1997's Jugulator brought in a new era for Judas Priest . As good as Rob Halford era Priest ?? Of course not. That doesn't, however, mean that nothing good came from Tim "Ripper" Owens' time with the band. Jugulator ranks just a notch below Defenders of the Faith and Painkiller on the list of heaviest Priest albums. Best overall Priest albums..... I'd say:
              1. Unleashed in the East
              2. Defenders of the Faith
              3. Sad Wings of Destiny
              4. Screaming For Vengeance
              5. Painkiller
              6. Jugulator

              Many would disagree with me, but I guess that's what opinions are for. From the first note to the last, Jugulator is a powerful, well-written album.

              I grew tired of hearing complaints about Tim Owens long ago. He did a fantastic job filling in for Halford .

              A few points to ponder:

              1. Objections to Owens not being "the original singer of Judas Priest ". Guess what, sports fans...... Rob Halford wasn't Priest's original singer. Al Atkins was.
              Does anyone think Atkins sounded better than Halford ?? Better than Owens ?? I certainly don't. Being the "original" singer doesn't carry a lot of weight with Judas Priest . Hell, Tipton and Downing weren't the original guitarists, either. Anyone care to make a case about them?? Judas Priest started in the 60's.... Al Atkins asked Ian Hill and KK Downing to join in 1968. Halford and Tipton didn't join until 1974. The only original member I've heard much at all about is Atkins. Atkins, for instance, wrote Victim of Changes.

              2. "Judas Priest shouldn't have continued without Halford". Point #1 shoots a huge hole in that theory. In addition.... who can say Priest was more about Halford than it was about Downing + Hill + Tipton?? Am I to believe that the vocals and lyrics matter, but the music doesn't?? Sorry.... not only does that argument not work, but it is VERY disrespectul to Downing, Hill and Tipton.

              3. "Owens didn't sound as good as Halford". Duh. One question, though: Who in the hell would?? Halford is Metal's best none. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job of filling in than Owens. Owens deserves plenty of respect. When Halford came back, Owens said he was "merely keeping the seat warm" as vocalist until Halford returned. Owens' favorite vocalist: Rob Halford. Owens' favorite band, Judas Priest. The TERRIBLE movie "Rock Star", with Mark Wahlberg, is loosely based on Tim Owens' story. Owens was in a Priest tribute band..... Scott Travis' girlfriend was in a club where Owens' band was playing. Priest was getting ready to audition singers.... Travis' girlfriend recorded part of the band's set. Owens was invited to try out along with many, many other singers. Owens was the first one up..... did an incredible job on Victim of Changes and, of course, The Ripper ..... and the other singers were sent home.

              Let's not pretend that Halford's (The band Halford) or Fight's guitarists sounded as good as Tipton and Downing. If Halford could play Judas Priest songs, the other members should have been able to as well. It isn't like Halford owned the rights to the name Judas Priest.....

              It was unfortunate that Halford left, but it was necessary. The lawsuits from the early 90's wore on all the band members. Halford needed a break from the band. That does not, however, mean that the other members needed that kind of a break.

              Shouldn't we just judge the album on it's own merits??

              G- KK Downing
              G- Glenn Tipton
              V- Tim Owens
              D- Scott Travis
              B- Ian Hill

              Jugulator -- I bought the album the day it came out. I was prepared to hate the new album...... and the new singer. The beginning of the song is quite odd.... and extremely heavy. I was hooked by Owens first high note, and, by the end of the first verse, there was no turning back.... I was a Tim Owens fan. Great drumming..... pretty fast stuff for Priest, but the highlight is the guitar: absolutely brutal riffs and amazing solos. This will always be one of my favorite Priest songs. It holds it's own with Painkiller , no easy feat.

              Blood Stained -- Another powerful track. Priest's 2002 Live in London DVD has a great performance of this song. As is the case with Jugulator , I am under the impression that anyone accusing Tim Owens of being a Rob Halford clone aren't the least bit familiar with the studio albums released during Owens' time in Priest. The ONLY similarity is that both can hit very high notes. OF COURSE Owens sounds like Halford when they played the old songs live.... Halford is Owens biggest influence and he did his very best to live up to the standard Halford set. Back to the song..... excellent mid-paced track with liberal doses of double bass and a crushing guitar sound. Heavy as hell.

              Dead Meat -- Cool opening riffs. Solid track, but not a standout. Scorching lead section... as is the case for much of the album. More effort was put into the bass lines on this album.... pretty good job by Ian Hill..... nice to hear him abandon the "strictly by the numbers" approach here and there.

              Death Row -- They went too far on the "catchy" chorus attempt, IMO, but that's been a part of many Priest albums. That being said, the riffs more than make up for it. The 1st solo is very addictive.

              Decapitate -- Not bad, but nothing really stands out about this track, though the bass line has it's moments.

              Burn In Hell -- I would have gone with the title track, Blood Stained, or even Bullet Train for the video, but I suppose the record label has as much say as the band in that matter. Over 2:30 had to be trimmed from the song for the video.



              Brain Dead -- Pretty standard song until the solo section and riff that follows. I wasn't exactly looking for Priest to "re-invent the wheel" with this album..... so a standard METAL track works quite well.

              Abductors -- Fair track. Nothing more....nothing less.

              Bullet Train -- Ahhhh..... this is MUCH more like it. Nice start with the glass-shattering note from Owens. I really like the vocal section leading into the chorus.... even enough to overlook "Questionize"..... oh, well, Halford had "Desolizating",on Rapid Fire , right?? Beautiful..... another blistering solo riffs leading into/during the section, also. When I bought the CD, it came with a cassette single of this song..... again, it would have been a much better choice for a video than Burn In Hell.

              Cathedral Spires -- As is the case with their latest album, an odd choice was made for the closing track. Pretty cool..... really shows off Owens' range. LONG track... 9:17. This song is really growing on me. More good bass work.

              BTW.... update from the band:

              "28th March 2007

              Scott has just finished his first stint in the studio which went incredibly well!! He's flown back to the US now.

              Rob has just arrived over here and will be putting some vocals down - we're all really excited about how great this record is shaping up!!

              More updates later! "

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                no offense KB but what's a priest history lesson got to do with guessing a lick?
                the space that is mine

                We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon:


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                  Originally posted by tpryce93
                  no offense KB but what's a priest history lesson got to do with guessing a lick?
                  Go to the start of the thread. Superchop7 started the thread, then he and I hijacked his thread (can he be punished for helping hijack his own thread ). This became a Judas Priest thread 13 minutes after it started.... must be some kind of a record.

                  I've been busy... and let my reviews slide for a while. I'll continue them, though.
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                    The Yankees were rained out and I've been meaning to get back to this for a long time, so..........

                    Some of my Priest CDs are at work, so I'll skip one for now.

                    2001 brought Tim Owens 2nd, and final studio effort with Priest, Demolition . Experimental album. Some ideas worked, others failed miserably. Decent effort, but it lacked the energy of Jugulator.

                    G- KK Downing
                    G- Glenn Tipton
                    V- Tim Owens
                    D- Scott Travis
                    B- Ian Hill

                    Machine Man -- Strong opening track, though the riffs are too repetitive. Fairly fast track, but varying the tempo would have helped.

                    One On One -- Not exactly a standout, but this one has really grown on me. Nice work by Ian Hill after the solo break.

                    Hell is Home -- Tambourine in the intro... what in the hell? Heavy track after the intro, but I'm not wild about the song. Great guitar sound, though.

                    Jekyll and Hyde -- Keyboards can be useful in certain songs, but not this one. Not sure what they were thinking, but it was a bad idea.

                    Close To You -- Great, a ballad.

                    Devil Digger -- Not bad. Unusual solo section.

                    Bloodsuckers -- Kick ass. The album has a great guitar sound, as can be expected from Priest, but the sound is nothing like their other albums.... a more "modern" sound, I suppose, but it works.

                    In Between -- Unusual, but filler is filler.

                    Feed On Me -- This is more like it. Works well on Live In London, too.

                    Subterfuge -- Awful.

                    Lost and Found -- Oh, joy, another ballad!! Can't get enough ballads.

                    Cyberface -- Got a little carried away with the modern angle.

                    Metal Messiah -- Bonus tracks aren't always a good thing.
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                      '98 Live Meltdown was the first of 2 live albums with Tim Owens.

                      G- Glenn Tipton
                      G- KK Downing
                      V- Tim Owens
                      D- Scott Travis
                      B- Ian Hill

                      Yes, Halford wasn't around, but this is a great album. I have nothing but respect for Tim Owens. I remain thankful that Priest kept going during Halford's absence. Top of the line performances on each song. Huge upgrade moving to Scott Travis from Dave Holland, who offered little, if anything, on Priest... Live.

                      Disc 1:

                      The Hellion
                      Electric Eye

                      Priest have so many great songs to choose from for openers, but this is tough to beat.

                      Metal Gods

                      Grinder --Nice choice.

                      Rapid Fire -- Tim Owens 1st big standout moment on the album. He sounds amazing on the lines that trade off with the guitar solos. Masterpiece.

                      Blood Stained -- 1st of 5 non-Halford era tracks. Fits in perfectly with the older songs.

                      The Sentinel -- I swear this one gets better with each listen.

                      Touch of Evil

                      Burn In Hell -- Halford is my favorite vocalist, but it's beyond me how anyone can dismiss Tim Owens era Judas Priest. It's a shame they'll never do those songs live again.

                      The Ripper -- Owens standout moment #2.

                      Bullet Train -- Another great example of dueling guitar solo tradeoffs.

                      Beyond the Realms of Death -- Should be played in every Priest show.

                      Death Row -- Memorable guitar solo. I'm amazed by the lengths Tipton and Downing go to keep their live solos note for note with the studio versions.

                      Disc 2:

                      Metal Meltdown --
                      Night Crawler --

                      Unfortunately, these are the only live recordings of these songs. They sound great, but I'd love to see a new live Priest album.

                      Abductors -- Another solid choice from Jugulator. I wish they'd included the title track in the set list.

                      Victim of Changes -- Owens standout #3. Easy to understand how he got the job after hearing this.

                      Diamonds and Rust -- Acoustic version (1st half, anyways). They play it acoustically now with Halford, but I really miss the way they played it on Unleashed In the East.

                      Breaking the Law

                      The Green Manalishi (with the 2 Pronged Crown) -- Hell, yeah!

                      Painkiller -- Scott Travis at his best.

                      You've Got Another Thing Coming

                      Hell Bent For Leather -- Should close every Priest show. Trademark solo.

                      Living After Midnight
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